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A recycled Moleskine notebook.  Damage to the spine has been covered using a strip of soft leather, the pages have been replaced, and the book has been given a new lining of flame red paper.

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It looks like it cost about a fiver from the local garden centre.  If I hadn’t been told then I would never have guessed it’s a Phillipe Starck piece and cost about £200… there are two of these in one of the gardens I maintain.   I know that taste varies, but I’m genuinely shocked that anyone would pay that much for something like this!

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One of the great things about the studio being on an island is the range of wildlife I get to see.

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It’s been a while since I arrived at the studio to find something totally random, but today I got there to find this completely random pile of clothes in the yard.  It’s as though someone spontaneously combusted, leaving only their clothes behind…

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Possibly the most comfortable piece of stone ever.

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They did the job that was in front of them.


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Simon midway through a 60% reduction of some conifers.  It was about 30 degrees out there today, too bloody hot for hauling branches and logs!

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Too tired to take a more interesting photo today, so here’s a close up of my lighter.

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One of my revamped vintage notebooks was kindly featured in an Etsy Treasury by UneekDollDesigns:


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Random shot of a garden I was asked to look at.

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