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Sketchcrawl #28

A busy day for sketching!  Today it was the 28th world wide sketchcrawl, and I stopped by very briefly on my way to meet some friends for a picnic in Green Park.

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What a lovely surprise to receive  in the post!  I’ll admit I was a little concerned when I opened the brown paper wrapping to find that there were air holes in the box, but new bear has really made me smile.

I really need to name him.  I won’t rush into naming this time, that’s how I ended up with a bear called ‘Spare’…

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I have really missed working in my studio.   The demands of my gardening work being what they are in the summer, I’ve not been in for almost a month. I didn’t realise quite how much I missed it until I went in today.  Despite a very early start (5.30am) it was sheer bliss from start to finish, and very productive.  I got to use some of the new papers that I’d bought recently, as well as working on a commission.  It was a very productive day and I left with a smile on my face.

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I’ve been a bit lax with Project 365 recently.  Quite aside from missing the best part of a month, I’ve also been very slapdash when it comes to taking photos – just snapping something quickly late at night so that I’ve got something to show for the day.

Enough is enough!  From now on I’ll be taking more thought out photos.  If that means I miss the odd day here and there then so be it.

Today I was working in a garden which has a lovely door.  It’s old and weathered, and sadly none of the wide shots showing the whole door looked quite right – so here’s a close up of the most interesting part.

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My set of three revamped Shakespeare books was kindly featured in an Etsy Treasury by unflappableproducts


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