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I’m a creature of habit, and therefore tend not to click into unfamiliar areas on Etsy – which is why I didn’t know about the Activity Feed.  It shows, amongst other things, whenever anyone features an item of yours in a Treasury.

So I had a quick look, and it turns out that people have been including my things in their Treasuries without letting me know, which is a shame because I do love a bit of cross-promotion.


Jane, of SDJ Jewellery, included one of my Butterfly Kiss notebooks in her ‘So pink and so blue from British sellers‘ Treasury.

Tanya, of Wiccan Style, included my Lament of Galadriel leather wrap cover in her ‘Fae’ Treasury.

Hogwarts Forever included my Pygmy Puff in their ‘Hogwarts Forever‘ Treasury.

Meiniac featured one of my Inspiration by Post pieces in their Treasury entitled ‘From whence we came and where we’re going

Lauren included my Hogwarts stationery in her ‘Hallows & Horcruxes‘ Treasury.

They’re all lovely Treasuries, so please do pop along and see what else they contain!

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Well, it’s been a very busy week for me.  Sometimes the creativity just strikes and I’m at the mercy of it until it subsides.  It hasn’t quite finished yet, but here are the pieces I’ve finished so far this week… (for full details on each piece please click the links to view the Etsy listings)

Map of Middle Earth

Lines on a Map


Cherry Blossom


The Lament of Galadriel


Seeing Stars

Silver Birch





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I’ve been caught in a vortex of creativity this week, and will post the rest of my new creations in a separate post but I wanted to show this one off separately.

It’s entitled Thai Silk.  Not because it has any silk in or on it, but because the beautiful paper which I’ve used for the covers was once part of an envelope that housed a silk shirt.  I was sent a handful of the envelopes by a friend whose husband bought the shirts in Thailand a few years ago.

Anyway, enough waffling on, here are the photos!

It’s quarterbound with the beautiful printed paper on the covers and a rough kraft-style card on the spine (the card originally came wrapped around a purchase from the V&A museum – I really, really never throw anything away!).  A thin brown ribbon has been added to the cover to complement the colours of the paper, and I’ve hand-sewn headbands with embroidery silk.

The book is A5 in size and contains 96 pages (192 sides) of 90 gsm white paper.  The end papers are brown murano paper.

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Towards the end of last year I was approached by a lady who wanted me to make her a leather journal cover.

I was wondering if you could make a book cover with soft leather that has four flaps and has a string that wraps around the cover when closed. I was thinking something that looks like a cross between the Leaf of Lorien and the Owl Post notebooks you made. Basically it is a Leaf of Lorien type cover with two extra flaps and no journal attached.

She specified the details that she wanted on the cover, as well as the size of the journal it would need to house, and then left me to my own devices.

After much thought I sourced some leather that I thought would be perfect, and here’s the finished product:

It’s a very simple design in terms of construction, but it works so well – I sometimes think that simplicity is the key to an elegant product.  The design has been burned onto the leather using pyrography.

This is a bespoke piece, but I’m so in love with the finished product that I will be making some different ones today which I will add to my Etsy shop very soon!

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Kristi, of SassyShades, kindly featured one of my latest notebooks in her Treasury.

To visit the Treasury and see what other fabulous items she picked, please click here.

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I’ve finally added some new books to my Etsy shop

Pop along to my shop to have a browse, and see if anything else takes your fancy.  Use coupon code blog24012011 at checkout and receive a 15% discount!

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Another wee crochet catch up.  I treated myself to a set of new hooks – they range from 2.5mm up to 10mm in size, and they’re so pretty and colourful!

I’ve already used the largest (10mm) hook to make a start on a new throw for my bedroom:

Alas, I have now run out of yarn for that so it will have to go on the back burner for a while until I can afford to order some more.

To soothe my frustration at having to pause mid-throw I tried making myself a hat.  Just something simple, but it worked beautifully and I wore it all day today while out at my studio and then working in the garden:

I think that’s quite enough crochet for now.  Tomorrow I’ll be back with some notebook updates.

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