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Project 365 – Day 31

31st January 2012 – “Pebbles & Wood”

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The vintage Singer I’ve got (sewing machine, I don’t have an old crooner locked in my shed) is beautiful, and works perfectly but it’s heavy, and as I don’t have a permanent table for sewing at yet it means I have to haul it in and out of its case whenever I want to use it.

Cue the little Brother.  It’s lighter, and although nowhere near as pretty as the Singer it makes up for the lack of aesthetic appeal by having lots of different functions.

A variety of different stitches, all available just by sliding a switch or turning a dial.  Marvellous!  Being so new to the world of sewing machines this is actually incredibly exciting for me 🙂  The machine has another trick too (which excited my mother):

Apparently this is A Very Good Thing because it means you can sew things like bags.  Who knew?

So, that’s a little tour of my second sewing machine (which was another boot sale bargain at just £10).  It’s not pretty, but it is very useful and I suspect it’ll get a lot more use than the beautiful Singer.  From a practical point of view it also sews more slowly than the Singer, which means it’s less scary for me (despite spending a full day on the Singer last week I still have that irrational fear of sewing over my own fingers).

Do you have any sewing tips to pass on to me?  This machine only came with the one foot, and I might invest in some others if I think I’ll get some use out of them – but, being a complete novice, I don’t know what I might need!



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Project 365 – Day 30

30th January 2012 – “Sand…paper at the seaside”

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That’s what I’m hopefully doing this week.  Since I’m staying at the seaside it seems a perfect time to try out an idea I saw in a mini zine.

Craft Leftovers is a zine I got from TangleCrafts last year.  It’s packed full of little tips and ideas, and one that really caught my eye was this:

The idea is to use the sand on a beach (or in a sandbox if you’re stuck at home) as a mould for making plaster casts.  You make impressions in the wet sand, mix up some Plaster of Paris and pour it into the impression, and then wait (im)patiently for it to set.

I love this idea, and really wanted to try it when I went to Orkney last year, but with the weight limits on small planes I couldn’t really take a bag of plaster with me.  I’ve come to Norfolk by van though so there’s room for all sorts of stuff – hopefully I’ll have some interesting plaster casts to show you when I get back 🙂


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Project 365 – Day 29

29th January 2012 – “Roll on tomorrow”

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Well, what have I got to show you this week?  Difficult to say as I’m actually away from home at the moment – this post comes to you courtesy of WordPress’s awesome scheduling facility.

So, I’m currently in Norfolk… in the seaside town of Sheringham, to be more specific.  I’m taking a working holiday, painting a friend’s seaside apartment (he rents it out – click here to have a look) and hopefully also spending some time outside enjoying the fresh air and doing some sketching.  This means that, with luck and a fair wind, I should have lots to show you next Sunday, but it does mean that right this moment the cupboard is bare.

I have to have something on here for Sketchblog Sunday though, so here’s  a sketch I drew during my last working holiday (when I was gardening in Orkney).

It was done during a break in the gardening work, and it was the only sketch I managed to do in a whole week there.  Shameful.  My intention was to finish this sketch (adding some colour) as a birthday present for the friend I was staying with… and that was back in August and I still haven’t done it.  More shame.

It’s on my list of Things To Do (which never seems to get any shorter), and hopefully I will finish it before her next birthday!  In the meantime let’s hope that my trip to Norfolk yields more drawings than my trip to Orkney, and I’ll show and tell next Sunday…

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Project 365 – Day 28

28th January 2012 – “A step up”

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