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It seems as though I’ve been sewing for England this week.

29th February 2012 – “Sew tired”

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Wednesday Wishlist

1. I wish I had better teeth.  Apparently I need another crown, which is rubbish (and expensive) news.  The photo above was shamelessly stolen from My Milk Toof – why not visit their website and see how great they are (they’re certainly the only teeth I like at the moment!).

2. Another pair of hands.  There’s oodles I want to get done this week, but I could do with a second pair of hands to get through it all!

3. Some sunshine.  It’s dry out, and quite mild, but so grey.  Yesterday was the same and too much greyness is a tad depressing, so let’s hope the sun comes out for a bit!  This cute cushion made me smile, click here to see where you can get it.


Have you got a Wednesday Wishlist?  If so let me know and I’ll add a link to it 🙂

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If you’re new to the Scavenger Hunt then please visit Kirst’s blog to see how this all began.  Rachel over at The Awesome Lady is acting as guest host again this month, so if you somehow came here first then please do go and visit her blog to see who else is taking part!  I went with an orange theme this month, not sure why but it seems to have worked!


After a very short (but intense) cold snap the weather has warmed up and it’s definitely feeling very spring-like at the moment.  There’s a different sort of energy in the air, and it makes me both restless and content at the same time.  It also seems to give me lots of energy, so this month’s inspiration is all the new growth that’s going on, and I thought this little cold frame was a good symbol of that.

Something I Made

I’ve been on a crazy notebook-making run this week, and here’s one of the finished books…

Motifs: Leaves

I love fern leaves, and these are just outside my studio.  I can’t help staring at them when I’m sat on the decking having a think.


Ta da!


I struggled a bit with this category, because I’m pretty spoiled for choice.  Quite a lot of the stuff in my house, garden and studio has been found.  In the end I decided to go with something a bit different, I found this building tucked away in Park Royal and I love it!

I’ll be hosting again this month so please check back tomorrow to find out what the new topics are going to be!

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Probably not hugely exciting to anyone else, but I’ve wanted to try Jiffy Pop ever since I first saw the film Scream (fifteen years ago, crikey!).  It was great fun to make, and delicious to eat – well worth the wait!

28th February 2012 – “Jiffy Pop”

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Once upon a time I made a set of books using the packaging from some chocolate.  Doesn’t sound dreadfully interesting, but they turned out really well – click here to take a peek.

I really liked the finished books and thought that someday I would like to make another set, so I have.  I treated my mother to a few bars of Rococo’s dark chocolate (I don’t eat dark chocolate, and sadly the milk chocolate bars don’t have such pretty wrappers) and yesterday I had a blissful morning in my studio creating this set.

I wanted to do something a bit different from the last set (they are supposed to be unique, after all!) so instead of making the chocolate wrappers into tiny books I used all three to make one A6 sized book.  I love the effect, and I think I shall have to take another trip to Rococo and see what other pretty wrappers they have!

The smaller of the two books has, as mentioned above, a front cover featuring the three chocolate wrappers.  The back cover has been covered with a wonderfully soft and smooth suede in chocolate brown.

The covers for the larger book (15.1cm x 15.1cm) have been made using the bag the chocolates came in.  It’s simple, but I like that, and have gone for a square shape this time (the first one I made was rectangular).

This set will be added to my Etsy shop later today.

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Project 365 – Day 58

2012_02_2727th February 2012 – “Stamptastic”

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Alex Clark Art

On Thursday I received a surprise in the post.  A friend had written me a lovely long letter (I do love getting letters and take especial pleasure in curling up with a cuppa to read them), and had also sent me a present.

What’s in the wallet?  Well, have a peek…

The most beautiful notecards!  They’re gorgeous, well drawn and with lots of humour to boot.  Apparently she saw them and thought of me 🙂  I think they’re fabulous, and my first thought was that I couldn’t possibly use them, I just wanted to stick them up in my studio!  However, I had a look at the artist’s website, and it turns out she sells prints as well as notecards so I can use these with impunity and then treat myself to a print (or two, or three…) in due course.  If you’ve got a spare five minutes do pop along to Alex Clark’s website and take a look at her work.

Thank you Jayne, you really made my day 🙂

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Sunday Sketchblog #8

I have to put my hands up and admit that my heart really wasn’t in it this week.  I just didn’t have the right head on for drawing.  I sat down this morning with the intention of doing a sketch of my bag and its contents… and as you can see I didn’t get very far.

A bit of a let down, as this is something I want to do, but I just couldn’t settle down long enough to get into the right frame of mind.  All I’ve been thinking about this weekend is making notebooks!  Hopefully I’ll have a bit more to show next Sunday…

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27th February 2012 – “Starlings”


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25th February 2012 – “Anemone blanda”

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