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31st March 2012 – “Cupcakes”

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If you’re new to the Scavenger Hunt then please visit Kirst’s blog to see how this all began.  I’m acting as guest host again this month, and I hope you find everything to your liking!

I’ll start off with a list of those people who are taking part – please do visit their blogs and have a look at their entries for this month.  If they haven’t posted their photographs yet then please be patient and check again on the 31st!


I’ve been poring over magazines again this month, as well as books, and especially CrossStitcher which is my new favourite thing…

Something I Made

I’m ridiculously proud of this piece of cross stitch

Motifs: Retro

Perhaps more vintage than retro, but it’s the thought that counts, yes?


Sunlight on a wooden floor which really caught my eye.


You’d think I’d be spoiled for choice for this category, but I actually really struggled!  In the end I took a slightly different view of things…


Clearly I had a bit of a yen for the sepia filter this month…

In a few days, once I’ve had a chance to view all the entries for this month, I’ll put up my favourites – please do pop back to have a look!  In the meantime Jeneveve over at Timballoo will be guest-hosting for April (it’s my birthday next month so I figured I’d have a break!), so please pop along to her blog on Monday 2nd April to see what topics she’s chosen 🙂

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30th March 2012 – “Tulip in sunlight”

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Emily over at Ready for An Adventure chose this week’s word, pop over to her blog to see who else is taking part.

It’s been a gloriously sunny week, too sunny really as we’re now officially in drought conditions and there’s a hosepipe ban imminent.  Still, we mustn’t complain too much as the sunshine is nice.  I’ve been making the most of the weather and have pretty much ignored my studio this week in favour of sitting outside in the garden either working on cross stitch or doing some knitting.  There has also been some gardening (a very little), but mainly I’ve been enjoying the view…

There’s lots in bloom at the moment, mainly tulips and daffodils…

…but also anemone blanda and some heartsease (which was my dad’s favourite flower)

I’m particularly in love with a slightly different type of tulip this year, Tulip turkestanica

It’s a multi-headed variety which has incredibly delicate flowers.  The foliage is also less bulky than the usual tulip leaves and seems, thus far, to be of no interest to slugs and snails.  Result!

It’s sunny again today and as I’ve just spent the morning seeing my dentist (again…) I’m now going to retire to the garden to bask in the sunshine while doing some more cross stitch.

Thanks for choosing such a seasonal word, Emily!

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No frogs at work today, but I did have some ducks for company…

29th March 2012 – “The odd one out”

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28th March 2012 – “Sunshine on stamen”

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Wednesday Wishlist

It was 20 degrees in the shade by about eleven o’clock this morning.  That’s insane for March although, in fairness, I have to concede that it was exactly the same this time last year when I was sitting out in the garden (wearing this very same sun dress actually!) doing a lot of sketching.

So what’s on my wishlist this Wednesday?

1. For my partner, Matt, to be home enjoying the good weather with me.  The poor sod is stuck at work instead.

2. For some rain, please.  Yes I know we Brits tend to whinge about the weather, particularly the rain, but we’ve had so little rain over the past year that a hosepipe ban is about to commence.  That’s bad news for gardeners.

3. For my arm to stop itching.  Yesterday I was bitten by a mystery insect (I didn’t see it, although I’m suspecting my neighbour’s dog of having fleas as the bite appeared about ten minutes after I bumped into said dog in the street…) and now I’ve got a huge, red and very itchy lump on my arm.  *tries not to scratch*


That’s it for my Wednesday Wishlist!  If you made one of your own then let me know and I’ll link to it.

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…by using coupon code MARCHMADNESS2012 during checkout from my Etsy shop.  Go on, treat yourself!

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27th March 2012 – “Twisted threads”

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Sunday Sketchblog #11

Yes, I know it’s Tuesday, clearly I’m running a bit behind schedule!

No real sketching to speak of last week, but I did jot a few ideas into my sketchbook as it was the nearest thing to hand when inspiration struck.

Doesn’t look like much to you, but it should be a valuable memory aid (mnemonic?) to me.  I’ve been cross stitching this past week and have come to like the idea of cross stitched covers, despite the fact that they’d be very labour-intensive to make.  I really like the vegetable-themed patterns I’m working on at the moment and think they would make very sweet garden journals, perhaps with some pockets inside, amidst the pages, to store seed packets and labels.

I’m also toying with the idea of a bold Pantone style design as a cover, but not for a notebook, for a needlebook or small sewing case.  The front cover could be padded so that it doubles as a handy pincushion while you’re working.

I’ll be pondering on these ideas for a while longer before I do anything about them (I’ve got fingers in too many pies as it is!), but watch this space because hopefully these ideas will bear actual fruit.

Jen over at Timballoo managed to get her Sunday Sketchblog out on time (bravo to her!), so if you haven’t seen it why not pop along and have a look?

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