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31st May 2012 – “Green Man”

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25% discount this weekend…

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If you’re new to the Scavenger Hunt then please visit Kirst’s blog to see how this all began.  I’m acting as guest host again this month, and I hope you find everything to your liking!

I’ll start off with a list of those people who are taking part – please do visit their blogs and have a look at their entries for this month.  If they haven’t posted their photographs yet then please be patient and check again later!


I was a bit stuck for what to photograph for this month’s inspiration, because it’s been one of those months where pretty much everything I’ve seen has triggered my imagination.  I have particularly enjoyed drawing new designs to try out on my Gocco though, so I’ve stuck with a simple photograph relating to that.  It’s a bit dull, but I’m hoping the rest of my photos will make up for that!

Something I made

The topics this month are all on a similar theme, relating to cities and towns.  Earlier this month I made this funky fox, and as foxes are so prevalent in London I thought he’d be a good choice for this photo.


There was something I really wanted to take a photograph of for this topic, a fabulous graffiti mural of scenes from Sin City… but when I went to take the photo it had gone!  Ok, it’s been a while since I last saw it, I don’t pass that way often, but it was a bit of a shock nonetheless.  Instead we have a photo of the stereotypical block of flats.


I was spoilt for choice in this category, so many good photo subjects cropped up this month.  After much dithering I’ve chosen this snap of boats at the Canal Cavalcade in Little Venice a few weeks ago.

Motifs: Graffiti

Despite my favourite Sin City graffiti having been replaced by something inferior, I’ve seen quite a lot of graffiti this month.  Surprisingly most of it was at the Chelsea Flower Show!

I’ll be doing the rounds over the next few days and will pick my favourites from the other blogger’s photos and will post them on here.

What’s happening next month with the Crafty Photo Scavenger Hunt?  Pop back here tomorrow and find out…

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30th May 2012 – “Papaver orientale”

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29th May 2012 – “Well hello there!”

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28th May 2012 – “Roses are red”

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27th May 2012 – “Another day at work”

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26th May 2012 – “Meconopsis cambrica”

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25th May 2012 – “How do they rise up?”

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I was wondering what I would find to write about for this week’s word, and then on Wednesday the answer just fell into my lap.  Jihae Hwang’s DMZ Forbidden Garden, at the Chelsea Flower Show, was the perfect subject.

The garden is surrounded by a fence of barbed wire, and although I scoffed at the blurb in the show guide (“The barbed wire fence surrounding the garden creates a feeling of mystery and unease.”) it was actually spot on.

The garden is full of little details, which you can’t see from the outside.  Normally this would be a problem, as the usual practice is for the show gardens to remain pristine and people aren’t allowed inside them.

The DMZ garden is different.  They were allowing visitors to cross the boundary and enter the garden, which I think might be a first for Chelsea as I don’t recall visitors ever being allowed into show gardens prior to this.

This was easily my favourite garden at Chelsea this year, and being able to stand in the centre of it and see all the fine detail made it even better.  Some boundaries should be crossed.

Kiki over at Camera Kiki is hosting Weekword this week, pop along to her blog and see who else is playing along.

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