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31st July 2012 – “Let there be light”

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Our host for this month is Sally over at Diario, click here to visit her blog and find out who else is playing along.


This month has definitely found me inspired by yarn of all sorts, especially after my trip to Fibre East.

Something I made

It was very tempting to take a photo of some knitting for this topic, but instead lets take a peek at a work-in-progress…

Art Deco

Tricky one!  In the end I settled on a shot of a little safe I’ve got which I think has an art deco feel to it…


I got really lucky with this one as a ladybird hitched a lift into my house on some flowers I’d picked!

The Colour Blue

This gave me pause, because there’s not much in the way of blue in my life.  I thought I might have to resort to a photograph of some jeans, but then remembered that my beloved work cloggies have a fabulous striped insole!

Ruth over at The Goldhawk Project is our host for August, so please pay her a visit in the next few days to find out what the topics will be.

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30th July 2012 – “Yum!”

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29th July 2012 – “More teeny hats”

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It’s clearly been a good week for sketching as I have two pages from my sketchbook to show today!  First up we have some very rough sketches (I’m still not great at drawing people)

Then a still life done in my studio on craft night (Thursday).

That second sketch was a bit of an exercise.  Usually when I draw I start at the back of whatever view I’m looking at, because I’m worried that if I start with things at the front I’ll end up chopping off a head or miss out some important item further back.  However, while reading The Art of Urban Sketching I took note of an artist who said “My approach has always been to start from the bottom, drawing my own sketchbook, and work my way up and out, and then hope for the best” – that wasn’t quite what I did, but I did start this sketch from front to back and although it felt a bit odd it does seem to have yielded a good result.

Jenna’s shared another self-portrait with us this week, hop over to her blog and take a peek.

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28th July 2012 – “Allium seedhead”

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27th July 2012 – “Sketchbook”

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