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Project 365 – Day 274

30th September 2012 – “Meeting Pebbles”

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It’s been another manic week here at The Gift Shed: my parents-in-sin have been down for a visit so Thursday was spent wandering around Kew Gardens to see the David Nash exhibition (my second time of viewing, and I still haven’t blogged about it!), Friday was spent viewing the State Rooms at Buckingham Palace, and then after I bid them farewell I spent Saturday at the Warner Bros. Harry Potter Studio Tour.  I am exhausted!

I didn’t get a chance to do any sketching at Kew, but I did manage some at Buckingham Palace.

Just various bits and bobs that caught my eye.  As my ticket (having been stamped and validated) is now valid for 12 months I plan to go back next summer to do some more drawing there, at a more leisurely pace.

That’s it for my Sunday Sketchblog, why not visit Jen over at Timballoo to see what she’s got for us this week.

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29th September 2012 – “Breathtakingly magical”

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28th September 2012 – “Now that IS a rare breed!”

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27th September 2012 – “Bee on autumn crocus”

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26th September 2012 – “A trip to Fruit Towers”

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Wednesday WIP (work in progress), a title borrowed from Kirst over at The Leopard Anchor because it fits the bill perfectly for this post.  I’ve been very infrequent with my blogging over the past month or so because I’ve been kept too busy!  What with gardening work, various craft projects, a last minute spot at Kensal Flea, and being told there’s a void under my lawn (don’t ask) I’ve not had much in the way of spare time.

So, what projects have I been working on?  Well the one with highest priority is a shawl I’ve been making for one of my aunts.  My mum’s going to visit her family again in Indonesia and she flies out in mid-October… so of course I have a deadline for this!  The good news is that I’m nearly finished (in fact I’m hoping to finish it by Friday), and as soon as it is finished I’ll blog about it properly.  In the meantime here’s a work in progress shot from last month .

Next on the list of ongoing projects are hats for The Big Knit.  I had hoped to make more but didn’t realise the deadline was 1st October, so I went and dropped off at Innocent HQ in Ladbroke Grove this morning as I’m going to be busy for the rest of the week.  My grand total?  60 hats!  I’m really pleased with that, and also chuffed that making them helped use up most of the scraps of yarn I had stashed away.  Stashbusting and something for charity, I wish all projects could be this rewarding 🙂  All the hats I managed to make are shown below.

Oh, and here’s a bonus photo of the inside of Fruit Towers – I was given a tour when I dropped the hats off (and a bag full of smoothies too!).

Hexipuffs… still a work in progress but I haven’t made any since I started the Innocent hats.  Looking forward to picking these up again next week.

Spinning… well, this has gone well and I actually finished spinning this roving into yarn a few weeks ago, but then it took me a couple of weeks to get round to soaking it to set the twist, and then it was another week before I got round to winding it into a ball.  Lazy, aren’t I?  Still, this is the finished product and I’ll have to try making a hexipuff with it soon!

I think the last project I have on the go is some Christmas cross stitch.  I think I’m going to make some baubles with these snowflakes, but we shall see.

More on those very soon I hope!

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Project 365 – Day 269

25th September 2012 – “No idea, but I think it’s eating my beans”

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Project 365 – Day 268

24th September 2012 – “How much rain are we having today?!”

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23rd September 2012 – “A perk of the job”

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