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2012_11_3030th November 2012 – “Just my type”

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Winter is finally here, or so it would seem from the frost outside this morning!  Here are my photos for this month’s CPSH, and a list of all the other participants is at the bottom.  I’ll be posting the topics for December tomorrow, so please pop back to check them (and also remember to check the new rota to find out who’s hosting in January).


I’ve been inspired by quite a lot this month, but the thing that sticks in my memory most is an afternoon spent sifting through stamps…


Something I made

I made this at the very last minute before last weekend’s Kensal Flea, and typically it was sold to my first customer of the day!



I couldn’t decide between these two, so I’m cheating and posting both.




Arty shot of the Central Hall at the Museum of Natural History.



I’ve spent an unfeasible amount of time cooking over the past month and, due to the lights in the kitchen being a bit on the fritz, a lot of that time was spent in semi-darkness…


Thanks for stopping by, and please visit the blogs of our other participants to see what photos they’ve got for us this month.

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Project 365 – Day 334

2012_11_2929th November 2012 – “Getting a bit chilly”

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Project 365 – Day 333

2012_11_2828th November 2012 – “Faux fur”

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Project 365 – Day 332

2012_11_2727th November 2012 – “Curled up with a good book”

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Project 365 – Day 331

2012_11_2626th November 2012 – “New lunchbox”

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Project 365 – Day 330

2012_11_2525th November 2012 – “Random home visual”

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Another week has flown by, and yesterday was especially busy.  I spent all day at Kensal Flea, and inbetween chatting with customers and stealing cuddles with puppies I did find time for a couple of quick sketches:

A woman asked if she could sit just behind my stall to sketch, and of course I said yes … but I couldn’t resist nabbing a quick sketch of her while she was working!

I’ve made no further progress with the EDM challenges, but Jenna is still going strong – her drawing of a finger puppet last week was fantastic!  Go and visit her at Timballoo to see what she’s been up to this week.

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2012_11_2424th November 2012 – “Kensal Flea”

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2012_11_2323rd November 2012 – “Words”

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