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ss 26-05-2013

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Another busy week here at The Gift Shed, so here’s a quick peek at some of the new books I recently added to my Etsy shop





I’ve also added a couple of trinket boxes (a special Harry Potter one, and a Hobbit themed one too)…



I need to set aside some time in the next week to catch up with blogging properly as I’ve got to write up a couple of commissions too.  Busy busy busy!

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It’s been a busy week here at the shed, and I’ve had no time to blog and hardly any time to sketch.  One rare pencil drawing from me this week:

ss 19-05-2013

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A bit of a mixed bag this week… Pebbles has been to the grooming parlour and had his flowing locks clipped, so he’s not quite as much fun to draw at the moment…

ss 12-05-2013_01

ss 12-05-2013_02

ss 12-05-2013_03

ss 12-05-2013_04

Then I had an unwelcome visitor in my garden, who was nonetheless quite funny to watch (particularly when he couldn’t work out where I’d moved the peanut feeder to)…

ss 12-05-2013_05

ss 12-05-2013_06

…and finally another attempt at a shiba inu…

ss 12-05-2013_07

What I’m rapidly learning is that dogs with short hair are much harder to draw than those with long hair!


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WIP 08-05-2013_01

The past week has been glorious weather-wise, so it was actually rather nice to have some rain this morning, and my garden certainly appreciated it!

What have I been up to then?  Lots of pottering around in the garden, quite a lot of drawing, and an interesting commission…

WIP 08-05-2013_02

…more on that in due course!  Right now though I need to go and finish off a trinket box so I can make a dash for the Post Office when the rain stops.

WIP 08-05-2013_03

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It’s been over six months since my last visit to the Chiswick car boot sale, which surprised me when I realised how long it had been!  Still, I made up for it yesterday.  First up we have a gorgeous folio type thing:




I don’t really need it, but at £6 I couldn’t resist.  Then there was this little map



which was just £2.  Next up we have some Beatrix Potter books (£6 for seven books)…


…another vintage Scrabble set (£1)…


…these little pocket sized books (£5 for the three)…


…some DVDs (£1 each – don’t judge me on these, The Princess Diaries is for my mother!)…


…some crochet cotton (£2) which I couldn’t resist at that price, even though I don’t need it…


…a book I’ve been eyeing up for ages but didn’t want to pay full price for (it’s £25 on Amazon!), so was utterly delighted to pay just £1…


…and last, but no means least, we have some more hand thrown terracotta pots (these were from different sellers but worked out about £2 each on average).


…so it was a very good haul!  I had a lovely morning browsing to my heart’s content, and didn’t spend too much so all is good!

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Yes, you guessed it, it’s Pebbles again…

ss 05-05-2013_01

ss 05-05-2013_02

ss 05-05-2013_03

…a brief break for some birds (clearly need more practice with birds!)…

ss 05-05-2013_04

…and one last puppy sketch.

ss 05-05-2013_05

That’s all for this week, I will have to try and put something other than a dog in my book next!

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Wednesday WIP


No actual work to show off today, I’ve been gardening lots, but I’m taking this morning off to catch up with personal bits and bobs. I’m sitting in my studio, looking out at the gorgeous sunshine, listening to the birds singing while I write a letter. Simple pleasures like this make life all the sweeter.


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