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A trio of street art spotted in Cambridge Gardens, W10.

street art_06-01

street art_06-02

street art_06-03

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I’ve finally got my computer back again, after not having access to it for a month.  I have to say I’ve not really missed it, apart from my e-mails and the fact that it’s a lot more fiddly to write blog posts without it (I can do it from my phone, but it just takes so long).

Anyway, week before last I went to The Spring Knitting & Stitching Show at Olympia, and normally I would have blogged about it straight away… but here I am, late, and the show is long since finished but that doesn’t mean I can’t still show you some pretty things.

There were an awful lot of beautiful knitting goodies available, and I noticed that gift sets seemed to be quite a big thing this year.  This make-a-doll set was pretty cute…


…but it was these luxury knitting hampers from The Little Knitting Company that really had me drooling.  Sadly well out of my price range, but a girl can dream can’t she?  I also loved these rosewood or subabul knitting needles (handmade and ethically sourced, for those who like to know these things).


Is it time for a gratuitous teddy bear yet?  I think it must be…


This incredibly soft and fluffy bear (and really, you have to feel him to believe just how marvellously soft and fluffy he is) is by TOFT, and made from real alpaca fur.  Don’t worry, no alpacas were harmed in the making of this bear (he’s the byproduct of a young alpaca that died of natural causes).

Anyway, I didn’t buy any yarn this year.  Nope, not a single ball or skein.  Yes, you heard that right!  What I did buy was ALL the fabric…


…as well as some pretty buttons and ribbons…


There was a plethora of beautiful yarn to choose from, but as I don’t have any specific knitting/crochet projects on the go at the moment (and my current stash is already a little on the large size…) I thought I would be a good girl and buy fabric instead.  These will all feature on notebooks in the future, so keep your eyes on my shop in the months to come.

The show was great fun again, and I not only got to indulge in shopping but also got to sit down and have a natter with Mr X Stitch himself.  He’s a lovely bloke and I really enjoyed chatting with him and some of the other people at his stand, plus I got to do a little cross-stitching too



I’d forgotten how much I enjoy cross-stitching (I’ve not done any for at least a year), but my goodness did it give me a bit of a backache!  I’m proud of my little space invader though, and will probably add another one to that piece before I’m through.

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Just a couple of quick ideas I scrawled while I was on the bus the other day.

ss 23-03-2014

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Wednesday WIP

wip 19-03-2014

The builders finished work on our loft at the weekend, so the only work in progress at the moment is cleaning and decorating.  Endless amounts of both.  Normal service will resume shortly!

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Street Art #5

Sadly it was a bit dark when I took this photo (Coles Green Road, NW2), but it caught my eye nonetheless.

street art_05

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Street Art #4

Not the most elaborate graffiti, but it made me smile.  From Allington Road (W10).

street art_04


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Gosh, my hundredth sketchblog post. Perhaps I ought to have made more of an effort this week, but with an army of builders still swarming over my house I must admit I’ve had more pressing things on my mind! 

As such here are another few pages from my sketch book, drawn last weekend while we were away.





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