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Work in progress, a Tunisian crocheted blanket…


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I must say I’m loving this street art series.  Not only am I discovering new pieces in London (as well as revisiting old favourites) but thanks to the kindness of friends I’m also getting to see street art from cities I’ve not yet visited.  A friend went to Glasgow recently and took these photographs for me.  The badminton one can be found at Candlerigs, and the others were all part of one large mural on Ingram Street.  They’re all fabulous, but I think my favourite is the hedgehog.  Many thanks to Carla Murdoch for her photography!

street art_27 01

street art_27 05

street art_27 07

street art_27 04

street art_27 03

street art_27 02

street art_27 06

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Something  a little different for our street art this week.  I sometimes take our dog to Emslie Horniman Pleasance, and it wasn’t until my second visit there that I spotted this very subtle piece in the Quiet Garden there.

street art_26 1


street art_26 2

Doesn’t look like much so far does it?  Then you take a closer look at some of the bricks.

street art_26 3

street art_26 4

street art_26 5

street art_26 6

street art_26 7

street art_26 8

Wise words indeed.

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Street Art #25

There’s a great piece of street art by iCon just outside Graffik Gallery on Portobello Road.  It’s a tad difficult to get a decent photo of it, but here you go!

street art_25 1

street art_25 2

street art_25 3

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Tea, anyone?

I received a lovely parcel in the post last weekend and this is the first chance I’ve had to sit down and show it off!  The lovely Jennifer of Architette Studios sent me a beautifully curated parcel that had tea as the theme.

tea parcel_01

tea parcel_04

It really is such a thoughtful parcel, and I love the gorgeous wee charms that she decorated it with.

tea parcel_03

tea parcel_02

Couldn’t see a tea pantone in there though?  The sugar doilies are a new one on me, I’ve never even heard of them before but  I’m looking forward to trying them very soon!

This was such a wonderful thing to receive in the post (and a total surprise too – I didn’t find the e-mail notification in my inbox until three days later as I had a few days off).  A huge thank you to Jennifer, and I am now getting ready a wee parcel of my own…

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What’s in my sketchbook this week?  A friend’s staffy, and a bit of fruit ‘n’ veg…


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ss 10-08-2014 2

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I’m not sure whether this was done by the people who live in this house or by a random street artist, but either way it certainly brightens up the street.  You can find it on Portobello Road, just past the Portobello Pet Shop.

street art_24

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