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Back in March I blogged about some street art in Middle Row, W10.  Now I’m not sure if I missed this other piece because it’s so subtle, or whether it was added at a later date… but, either way, here it is.  You can find it in Conlan Street, W10, just round the corner from Middle Row.  Not very good photos I’m afraid, there were cars parked directly in front of it which was a nuisance!

street art_90_01

street art_90_02

street art_90_03



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Terribly disorganised today and haven’t scanned anything in, but I’ve been busy working on some drawings this week and trying to make headway on a project I started in August. Here’s a work in progress shot.


Yes, my dog is absolutely judging me…

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Going way back in history for this one as I recently rediscovered the photographs I took in 2009 of this piece by CodeFC.  It used to be in Warfield Road, NW10.  Sadly it’s no longer there, but I thought I’d feature it anyway as a piece of street art I once loved and lost!

code fc_07

code fc_06

code fc_05

code fc_04

code fc_03

code fc_02

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Aaah, back to my normal routine and so there hasn’t been much time or opportunity for sketching.  Sad days.  I did go to see La Boheme last week, as performed by Opera Loki, and had vague intentions of sketching the audience while I was watching…but the performance was too engaging and my sketching fell by the wayside.  I’ve only ever seen opera once before and it nearly put me off for life (it was The Nose, in a live broadcast from the New York Met) but my friend Laura tempted me to give it another go.  Strong work there Laura, I’m now a happy convert!  If you want to see what happened the last time I went to see a performance arranged by Laura then click here.

ss 11-10-2015

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A couple of bits of street art from the canal towpath between Stoke station and the Britannia Stadium, Stoke-on-Trent.  Photos courtesy of Matt.

street art_88_01

street art_88_02

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It’s that time of year again, summer holiday sketchbook!

ss 04-10-2015_01

ss 04-10-2015_02

ss 04-10-2015_04

ss 04-10-2015_05

ss 04-10-2015_06

ss 04-10-2015_07

ss 04-10-2015_08

ss 04-10-2015_09

ss 04-10-2015_10

ss 04-10-2015_11

ss 04-10-2015_12

ss 04-10-2015_13

ss 04-10-2015_14

ss 04-10-2015_15

ss 04-10-2015_16

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Nice piece spotted by Matt at the junction of Mangle Street and Back Picadilly, Manchester.

street art_87

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