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Some more guest photography from Matt, this time the street art is from Amsterdam.  Love the Rembrandt!

street art_107_01

street art_107_02

street art_107_03

street art_107_04

street art_107_06

street art_107_05

street art_107_07

street art_107_08

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This is actually what I was working on last week, but in all the excitement of finishing a new piece I totally forgot to blog about it.  This illustration will be available as A6 greetings cards, in fact they’re back from the printers already but I haven’t got the cellophane sleeves yet so won’t be adding them to Etsy until next week!

One day I will have a go at making a time-lapse video, but for now you’ll just have to put up with lots of photos…

wip 24-02-2015_01

wip 24-02-2015_02

wip 24-02-2015_03

wip 24-02-2015_04

wip 24-02-2015_05

wip 24-02-2015_06

wip 24-02-2015_07

wip 24-02-2015_08

wip 24-02-2015_09

wip 24-02-2015_10

wip 24-02-2015_11

wip 24-02-2015_12


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I can’t believe I haven’t done a Sunday Sketchblog post since early November, apparently I’m getting worse at blogging with each passing month!  To try and get me back on track I’ve decided to share a silly little thing.  A private joke with a friend 😉


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Sometimes I feel like doing something totally frivolous, and cutting out stickers by hand is certainly that!  I made these for no other reason than I found a stash of sticker paper while tidying up, and they certainly do look cute.

Limited edition (only 8 sets available), and cheap as chips so click here to purchase a set.

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I launched my Giniatures print just over a week ago, and it’s done very well so far.  Quite a few A5 prints sold, a special request for an A4 sized one, and even a couple of notebook commissions.  So I thought this was a good time to show off some photos.  First up we have photos sent in by a customer, of her trying her gin print out against different walls (and discovering how difficult it is to photograph something that’s fronted with glass – reflections ahoy!).



After some dithering on my part I finally decided on my ideal frame choice (this particular one is from Cox & Cox).


Last, but certainly not least, we have one of the specially commissioned books (the other is basically the same, but a larger size).  Made to order, please contact me for details.

giniatures book_03

giniatures book_02

giniatures book_01

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Some more guest photography from Matt today, here’s some street art he collected on the canal between Stoke station and the Britannia Stadium earlier this year.

street art_106_01

street art_106_02

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I’m usually pretty good at remembering where I photographed bits of street art (or, rather, I usually make notes as I go) but this time I didn’t.  I don’t go over to Camden very often, and in fact up until last month I’d not been there for a couple of years.  We decided to take the doglet on an outing though, his first trip to Camden, and it was a very exciting day out for him.  We walked there via the canal, then ambled around and ended up in a sort of food coma.  I took lots of photos, but mostly have no clue where they were taken!

street art_105_01

street art_105_02

street art_105_03

street art_105_04

street art_105_05

street art_105_06

street art_105_07

street art_105_08

street art_105_09

street art_105_10

street art_105_14

street art_105_13

street art_105_12

street art_105_11

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