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The long bank holiday gave me a chance to both start and finish a project (novel, eh?).  It’s another mixed media embroidery piece and, like last time, I remembered to take some progress shots to show you how it’s done.  The quote is from Terry Pratchett’s Reaper Man, and the image is from Pixabay.

ripples WIP_01

ripples WIP_02

ripples WIP_03

ripples WIP_04

ripples WIP_05

See at this point I thought I was done, but when you look closely you can still see a fine film of paper residue on the surface of the image.

ripples WIP_06

ripples WIP_07

That’s better!  Onto the embroidery.

ripples WIP_08

ripples WIP_09

I’m all out of frames so this piece is currently waiting for me to take a trip to the dreaded IKEA (oh how I hate the place) before I can list it in my Etsy shop.

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I love this piece of street poetry that was spotted in Leiden by my friend Susannah.

street art_110

Of course I don’t speak a word of Dutch so when I asked what it said, a non-Dutch friend of hers translated it as:

Once more I must puke / My maw swamp’d by alcopop / My life sucketh balls

Susannah’s response was

‘Mijn leven is kut’ literally means ‘My life is cunt(ish)’ so [his] translation is very impressive.

Street poetry, I’d love to find some more!

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I seem to have started a new series of work without really planning to.  A couple of weeks ago I had a great autocorrect fail where ‘Marmite’ was changed to ‘marmots’ which led to much amusement given the sentence was supposed to be ‘Marmite on toast’ and I couldn’t resist a quick drawing on the back of an envelope…

ss 19-03-2016_01

I sent that one to a friend and said I’d keep an eye out for any more amusing autocorrupts.

I didn’t have to wait long.  Just a few days ago my crazy phone swapped ‘tonic’ for ‘toucans’ – so I proudly present Autocorrect #2: diet toucans.  Click here if you’d like to buy the original.

ss 19-03-2016_02


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I can’t believe I forgot to put any street art up last week, especially as I have quite the backlog of photos stashed away!  This one was found while taking a short cut round the back of Portobello Road.

street art_109_01

street art_109_02

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Finally listed this one in my shop to mark International Women’s Day 😉

Click here to go to the listing.


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Last weekend I went up to Inverness for a little holiday, and as is now my custom I kept a sketch diary.  Enjoy!  For previous Scottish holidays see Summer Holiday 2010, Sunday Sketchblog #117, Sunday Sketchblog #137, and Sunday Sketchblog #138.

ss 05-03-2016_01

ss 05-03-2016_02

ss 05-03-2016_03

ss 05-03-2016_04

ss 05-03-2016_05

ss 05-03-2016_06

ss 05-03-2016_07

ss 05-03-2016_08

ss 05-03-2016_09

ss 05-03-2016_10

ss 05-03-2016_11

ss 05-03-2016_12

ss 05-03-2016_13

ss 05-03-2016_14

ss 05-03-2016_15

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Short and sweet this time, a neat piece I spotted in Leake Street Tunnel (near Waterloo Station).

street art_108

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