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Street Art #115

I’m having what you might call one of those weeks. Stomach flu, which has been delightful* and, as if being stuck at home feeling miserable wasn’t bad enough, my internet is also broken. Thanks Sky/BT, that’s just what I needed.

So this week’s edition of street art isn’t more Glasgow photos, as previously promised, because those are on my PC and I can’t get online with that at the moment. Instead I’ve had to have a rummage through the depths of my phone and have come up with this lovely advertising mural. Old, faded, and beautiful. Can be found on Bravington Road, W9.


Hopefully normal service will be resumed soon!

*a living hell

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Usually I’m pretty good at remembering where I took a photo (or, at least, I’m good at writing it down straight away!).  Alas this is an exception.  I think this was Commercial Street, E1, but I can’t swear to it.  It was taken quite a few months ago and we were passing in the van when the traffic slowed just long enough to get a quick shot.  I should have shared it straight away but it got overlooked!  Next week I’ll show off the next batch of Glasgow street art, see you then 🙂

street art_114

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Street Art #113

I’ve spent a lot of time this week trying to decide how best to show off the beautiful street art that my friend Jane sent me from her trip to Glasgow.  The phrase “spoilt for choice” springs to mind, and also “an embarrassment of riches”!  First I thought I’d choose my favourites, but then realised I was making it way too hard for myself: how could I possibly choose favourites?

So I’ve decided, after all that, to just show them off in a totally random order.  Very unsophisticated, but should be fun!  Here’s the first selection, I hope you enjoy them.  Jane sent me a lovely account of her trip, including a booklet that she got, and I contemplated sharing snippets from those… but actually I think I want to encourage people to go and learn about these murals themselves.  I’m so grateful that Jane, and others, take the time to share their photos and stories with me, and as I don’t get out of London much it’s wonderful to be able to live vicariously… but one day I will get to visit Glasgow myself, and I know that seeing street art in person is so much more than just looking at a drawing on a wall.  Sometimes it’s the sheer scale of things that’s hard to grasp from mere photos, sometimes it’s the whole atmosphere of a place.  I hope that the photos you see here will encourage you to get to Glasgow so you can discover the amazing street art for yourself, and if that’s not possible then I hope it inspires you to go looking around your own town or city.  If you find anything good then please share it!  Anyway, enough waffling, let’s take a peek at the first batch 🙂

(Oh, and if I had to pick a favourite from this selection it would be a toss up between the taxi and the octopus!)

street art_113_01

street art_113_02

street art_113_03

street art_113_04

street art_113_05

street art_113_06

street art_113_07

street art_113_08

street art_113_09




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When I decided I’d illustrate autocorrect slip ups I thought I’d try and stick to only those which my own phone had generated.  Yeah, this one by a friend’s husband was just too tempting to pass up…

ss 10-04-2016_01

See, I couldn’t just leave it.  I kept it simple, but I like the result. 🙂

ss 10-04-2016_02

Available in my Etsy shop if anyone want it!

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I enjoy all my commissions but some stand out from the crowd: this is one such.  Towards the end of 2015 I was contacted by a gentleman in the US who had been hunting for a ring box for an engagement ring and had finally stumbled upon my Harry Potter themed trinket boxes.  He was very interested and so was I!  He told me his plans, and bearing these in mind I put my thinking cap on.  The box itself was straightforward, being a standard trinket box but with the addition of the note seen above.  The slightly tricky bit was how to get the ring to stay put, as he’d be carrying the box in a backpack on a hike during the lead up to the proposal.


The solution turned out to be quite wonderfully simplistic in the end, an insert of acetate in which the ring could be lodged – thus giving the impression that it was floating above the quote.  As I don’t wear rings I had to improvise when making a mock up to show Chris.



Even with a Scrabble tile it worked well!  Chris was happy with this solution so I got his box made and sent off.  As I didn’t have his ring to hand, and getting a snug fit was imperative, I sent him a number of the acetates (already cut to size and folded to fit the box) so he could cut the ring slot himself. Photos of the finished box are below, and I’ve blurred out part of the address for obvious reasons of privacy.




I got the box made and sent in super quick time and then we were at the mercy of the postal service – and it was a very close call.  The box arrived just in time, and the proposal went ahead.  Chris has been kind enough to send me some of the photographs that were taken on the day so I could share their happy moment with all of you.


Look at her face!


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I know, I promised there would be some Glasgow art for my next post, but having a week long migraine put a kink in my plans.  I’m still sorting through the Glasgow stuff (so much to show!) but in the meantime, on my way to see the doctor about my migraine, I found that the Queens Park station graffiti had changed hands again.  Last time it was by Botman, and now it’s by Trust Icon.

street art_112

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Following on from my previous sketchblog post, here’s the latest gem from autocorrect.  I was having a chat on Whatsapp with a friend about a week ago and this happened.

Me: He’s off on some lads holiday to Ibiza or venison or similar

Friend: I hear venison is lovely at this time of year

Me: ss 03-04-2016_01

So here we have Autocorrect #3 (available in my Etsy shop if anyone wants it!)

ss 03-04-2016_02

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I have some exciting street art all the way from Glasgow for you next week, but this week you’ll just have to put up with some more local stuff.  Took these ages ago while walking from Golborne Road down to Portobello Road.  The mosaic stuff is by the historical timeline at the junction of Elkstone Road and Golborne Road (W10), and I really need to go back and see if it’s finished (which it must be, as I took these photos months ago!).

street art_111_01

street art_111_02

street art_111_03

street art_111_04

street art_111_05

street art_111_06

street art_111_07

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