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You will probably remember that in 2014 there was a stunning installation of ceramic poppies at the Tower of London, and that most of the poppies were sold to raise money for charity.  What a lot of people don’t know is that part of the installation is now on tour across the UK, and the first stop for the Weeping Window is St Magnus Cathedral in Orkney.  Click here to visit the official website for more information.

I loved the original installation, it was absolutely breathtaking, and we bought one of the poppies to display in our home.  I’m quite gutted that I won’t get a chance to see the Weeping Window in Orkney (doesn’t tie in with our holiday dates, sadly) but felt moved to create a watercolour and embroidery piece.  Watercolour background, and the poppies have been added with embroidery.  They’re rendered in hundreds of French knots, which spill out onto the mount in the frame.  It came out perfectly, and I’m very proud of it. You can see some work in progress photos below.

This piece has already been reserved, but please contact me if you’re interested in commissioning something similar.











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Part three of the Glasgow street art photos, click here to view the previous installment.  Many thanks to Jane for the photos, my favourite from this batch is Frankenstein’s monster (although the panda comes a very close second!).

street art_118_01

street art_118_02

street art_118_03

street art_118_04

street art_118_05

street art_118_06

street art_118_07

street art_118_08

street art_118_09

street art_118_10

street art_118_11

street art_118_12

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Stepping away from Glasgow this week and back to Leiden for some more pavement chalk art.  Photo courtesy of Susannah.

street art_117

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Another Pratchett-inspired piece: this unites my love of embroidery, graffiti, and Sir pTerry in one fell swoop.  Hand embroidery on a watercolour background.  Available in my Etsy shop, click here to view.  As is now traditional, some work in progress shots below (including how I trace my designs onto fabric without having a light box!).






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Another selection of fabulous street art from Glasgow.  Click here to view the previous installment. Thank you again to Jane for the photos 🙂

street art_116_01

street art_116_04

street art_116_05

street art_116_07

street art_116_08

street art_116_09

street art_116_10

street art_116_13

street art_116_14

street art_116_15

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2016-04-01 09.38.26

Another piece of embroidery created in memory of Sir Terry Pratchett.  This one is simple in execution, just black embroidery on plain cloth, but the design process was quite intense.  The image shows a telegram, and the morse code on it spells out GNU Terry Pratchett.  If you’re not a Discworld fan then you might want to click here for more information.


This piece is now available in my Etsy shop.  Click here to view it.  10% of the sale price will be donated to the Alzheimer’s Society.  More work in progress photos below.




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I was so pleased with myself for having started and finished this piece over a single bank holiday weekend… it’s a shame it’s taken me over a month to list it on Etsy!  It’s because pricing and listing items is my least favourite part of the creative process.  Designing stuff?  Great fun.  Making stuff?  Can be frustrating but is generally fabulous.  Actually getting round to selling it?  Nope, that’s where I stumble.

ANYWAY.  This piece is now available in my Etsy shop.  As with the lilacs embroidery, 10% of the sale price will be donated to the Alzheimer’s Society.


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In memory of Claire x

ss 01-05-2016

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