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ss 26-06-2016

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I’ve said it before, but I do love it when my friends pick up street art for me on their travels.  Here are some fun signs from Saint-Broladre (Brittany, France).  The photographs are courtesy of the lovely Sally over at Sow and Sew.

street art_121_01

street art_121_02

street art_121_03

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It’s been a while since I shared any recipes, but this one is simple and delicious.  These photos were from my first batch in mid-April (which was enjoyed by family and friends alike and is, in fact, still going).  The second batch was made exactly the same way but has had to be thrown away because after just two days mould bloomed in the bottles.  I have no idea why.  I mean obviously some contaminant has got in, but I don’t know how 😦  I’ll have to wait for the rhubarb to regrow but I’ll definitely be making a third batch, and hopefully it’ll be as good as the first!  I got the recipe from here.






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A silly little blog post today, just because.  In February I started playing Unravel, and of course I couldn’t resist having a go at making my own Yarny (the character you play as).  I had a shufty at the instructions, but made the frame out of pipe cleaners as that was what I had handy.







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It’s been only two months since the board adjacent to Queens Park station last changed hands (click here to view), and now it’s been bedaubed again.  It’s a beautiful piece by Andrew Burns Colwill.

street art_120_1

street art_120_2

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A very quick one this week.  Spotted this in March, and the phonebox in question is at the junction of Shirland Road and Elgin Avenue (W9).

street art_119

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