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Another souvenir!  This one is from Granada, and was taken by Lola (go and visit her blog if you like food!).

street art_126

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A little review of the last book I read.  Otter Goes to School, by Sam Garton.  If the author is reading this then don’t worry, I’ve also left a review on Amazon 😉

Click here to see my previous review of an Otter book.

ss 24-07-2016

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A small selection of art from Camden this week.  I took the photos back in February and we were just passing through in the van – I pulled over to quickly take the pictures but didn’t pay proper attention to where I was!  I think it might have been Harmood Street, NW1… includes artwork by @moleculahowl, @autone1, and @itaewon_myl

street art_125_01

street art_125_02

street art_125_03

street art_125_04

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Some more holiday art, this time from Belfast and it was sent to me by my friend Ginge, along with the caption”not the regular sort of street art that Belfast is known for” 😉

street art_124_01

street art_124_02

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I last spotted something on the side of Taylor Taylor back in January.  The latest piece is also by Endless Artist.

street art_123

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Back to Glasgow for some more gorgeous murals.  My favourite out of this batch is the worm – you can just see the bricks beneath the paintwork, to give you an idea of how big it is!

street art_122_01

street art_122_02

street art_122_03

street art_122_04

street art_122_05

street art_122_06

street art_122_07

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