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Wednesday WIP


This is actually work from Tuesday, but one of the vagaries of winter is the lack of decent light for photography.  It doesn’t affect all the things I make, but some colours or textures need really good light in order to show them off to their best.  Dark green book cloth happens to be one of those things, which means that although the books are finished and ready to go into my shop they are having to sit on my desk until I can get decent photos of them.  I’m hoping I’ll have better luck tomorrow!


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This mural is subtle but really does brighten up the underside of the Marylebone flyover.  It covers the pillars/supports just at the junction with Edgware Road, near the tube station (NW1).



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So I was out walking my dog in the park last month when I was given a bag full of matchboxes.  This isn’t a normal thing, I don’t habitually receive random bags of matches while I’m playing fetch!  It was excellent timing though as I’d been musing on making some matchbox sized books.  As it turns out these weren’t the size of matchbox I’d had in mind: Swan Vestas come in skinnier-than-usual boxes, but that doesn’t mean they won’t get used.  My first project was a little secret set of drawers.  The card and paper I used to make the covers was leftover from other projects so this was a nice way to use them up (the only new things are the little handles).  I’m happy to say that this box has already gone to a new home but I’m sure I’ll make some more in due course.





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One of my jobs for today is to list on Etsy the new gocco stationery I made last Wednesday.  While I’m faffing about doing that, here are a couple of photos and a short video from last week to keep you entertained.


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I have such a backlog of street art already scheduled that it takes us all the way to the end of January, so any new submissions I receive are now getting the special edition treatment so they appear on the blog more quickly!

This special edition was provided by my friend Paula, who spotted some street art in Hasselt, Belgium.  Thank you, Paula, I especially love the owl 🙂





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These two have already been sold but that’s no excuse not to show them off.  They were made using a mixture of coptic and long stitch (sometimes known as French link) binding.


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Another quick but colourful one this week, spotted just opposite Trellick Tower (Golborne Road, W10) a few weeks ago.


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I do have a habit of hoarding paper bags.  Mostly I use them for taking out my recycling (unimaginative, but practical) but occasionally they’re just too pretty to throw away.  I’ve made books from paper bags before but haven’t done any for ages, so I thought it was about time I reduced my stash a little.  These are now available in my Etsy shop.


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Very short post title, but that’s the focal point of this notebook: a pen nib etched with the word ‘notes’.  The leather is one of my favourites, peacock blue with a beautifully soft texture.  Click here to view it in my Etsy shop.




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A colourful and cartoony offering from Brough Park (Leek, Staffordshire, ST13).


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