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Another little book that was made using leftovers. I’ve had this lighthouse charm lurking in my studio for years, so it’s lovely to have finally used it!  The leather is one of my favourites, so sumptuously soft that it just invites being stroked.

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Or, if you’re from the US, you might know it as acetaminophen.  Whatever you call it, it’s a staple of most medicine cabinets and for one reason (a cold) or another (toothache) so far this year I’ve taken enough to make me wonder if one can buy shares in it.

Of course you’re always best to paint what you know, so here’s my paracetamol.  With a twist.

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Every so often I’m seized by the urge to use up stuff that’s been lurking in my studio.  I go through phases of this because it usually takes a lot more effort to come up with projects for random bits and pieces than it does to work on regular stuff.  This little project was hit upon when I realised I had various decent-sized bits of leather kicking about, and also some spare cahier-style notebooks.  It was, for a change, actually a fairly quick thing to make – which means I’ll be making a couple more of these very soon once I’ve finished sifting through my leather stash.  The cover of this one is a gorgeous calfskin, and of course it’s refillable: the notebooks inside are from Hema but refills from Moleskine or Muji should fit just fine.

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Framed originals now available in my Etsy shop.



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Happy New Year!


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Street Art #146

Another very tardy submission, these photos were taken by my friend Jill back in July.  So sorry Jill!  I believe she found these colourful pieces in a lane near Dublin Castle.  I do love that skull!



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A combination of factors led to me not making it to the #womensmarchlondon yesterday.  I regret not going.  Although I quietly* live my life in a way that I feel is living the cause I would have liked to stand shoulder to shoulder with other people yesterday.  I guess Sister Suffragette really struck a chord with me as a child!

There were some truly fabulous placards on show yesterday, this would probably have been mine.


*ok, and sometimes not so quietly

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A couple of bits from Portobello Road, these were taken in October.  To see the previous bit of work on Taylor Taylor (January 2016) click here.  Artwork by Dotmaster and Endless Artist.






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Street Art #144

Some more street art captured by my friend Ginge, this time in Croydon.  I absolutely love the wordsearch!




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Aaah.  The end of a sketchbook is always a momentous occasion for me given how slowly I fill them!  I started this one in August 2015 so I’ve not done too badly with it.  This one is, I think, entirely filled with holiday entries.  I like that this book has evolved into a pure holiday diary, as I now use other books for work-related thoughts and ideas.  Not sure what’ll happen with my next book.  I’ll be using another rebound Moleskine (see here), but with red covers this time: maybe having a more vibrant cover will lead it to catch my eye more often, reminding me to use it!

Oh, yes, and I’ve decided to move away from using a fountain pen in these.  I’m not sure if it’s the ink or the paper (or a combination of the two) but it takes forever to dry.  The photo below shows what happened on a far too regular basis, and that was after waiting a good ten minutes before closing the book.  I’ll be switching back to pigma micron pens (or similar) as they still use waterproof ink but they dry much more quickly!


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