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Been meaning to capture this mural for, quite literally, years.  Finally remembered so here it is!  It’s located just opposite Our Lady of Lourdes church, Harrow Road (W9), and I can’t make head nor tail of the url that’s at the top left so if you can work it out then please comment and let me know.

street art_172

street art_172_02

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Back in November I blogged about a pretty mural I’d spotted under the Marylebone flyover (click here to see the original post), but I’d been in a bit of a rush and thus didn’t have time to scope out the area to find out further information.  Thankfully my friend Mark also spotted it, and he was much more observant!  Photos courtesy of Mark McMahon, who’s turning out to be a brilliant collector of street art.

street art_171_01

street art_171_02

street art_171_03

street art_171_04

street art_171_05

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Which is exactly why you should buy one of these.  Fun notebooks made of felt, with a book belt that’s made of Lego tape and a piece of Lego.  Go on, you know you want to.  Click here to visit my Etsy shop.



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A nice selection of street art I collected on a walk through Camden back at the end of March.

street art_170_01

street art_170_02

street art_170_03

street art_170_04

street art_170_05

street art_170_06

street art_170_07

street art_170_08

street art_170_09

street art_170_10

street art_170_11

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…so here are some books that feature (reproduction postcards of) vintage advertisements.  My favourite is hands down (no pun intended) the gloves that come with a cigarette pocket.  One of my biggest bugbears is that women’s clothing rarely comes with useful pockets.  Usually the pockets on our clothes are too small to be of use or, worse, they’re FAKE pockets just added as a design feature.  Seriously, WTF?  We need pockets.  We need FUNCTIONAL pockets.  I have a whole rant on this subject but I’ll just leave you for now with what would probably be my slogan if I went campaigning: Pockets Against the Patriarchy!

If you’d like to purchase any of these books then click here to visit my Etsy shop.





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I’ve got a limited number of boxes that are stuffed with stationery at a bargain price.  Each box contains a mixture of old and new stock, and the contents of each box is different so you’ll have to refer to the individual listings for details.  Click here to visit my Etsy shop (they’re in the Reduced to Clear section).


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I haven’t shared any work for a while, not on this blog at any rate.  I have got quite lazy and been sharing things on Instagram instead which is all very well and good but I should pull my finger out and stop the eternal procrastination about blogging.

When I first produced this design (back in 2014, wow) I printed it onto pocket sized Moleskine notebooks.  This time I decided to go big, so I’ve done a limited run of A5 sized notebooks and exercise books.  There are also a few sets of notecards available if you fancy something you can frame.  Click here to visit my Etsy shop (they’re in the Print Gocco section).

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Quickie from the canal towpath somewhere under the westway.  Here be dragons!

street art_169

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