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Way back in 2014 I shared the festive boards that Coco Nail Bar had put up for carnival, and here’s a new one for this year.

street art_188

As an added bonus here are a couple of other bits that I spotted the same day

street art_188_02

street art_188_04

street art_188_03

street art_188_05


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After enjoying Alice painting the roses red for a few months (click here to view), which I did think was nice and topical given it’s right next to a flower stall, the board changed hands in early July and was replaced by a very cheerful sunflower!  Artwork by Gary Alford.

street art_187

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Heading overseas again today, courtesy of the amazing Kat.  These are from a trip she took to Budapest where, apparently Marilyn Monroe is still alive.  Do we think Elvis is also there?

street art_186_01

street art_186_02

street art_186_03

street art_186_04

street art_186_05

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