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Back in early December I decided that drawing my outfits would be good practice.  A sound theory, but although I really liked the idea of keeping a record of what I wear, I wasn’t happy with how they looked.  Back to the drawing board.

I gave up on the idea of drawing croquis from scratch each time (because, frankly, I suck at it) so got myself a template and am starting again.

ss 21-01-2018_01

ss 21-01-2018_02

ss 21-01-2018_03

ss 21-01-2018_04


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Street Art #197

Yet more photos that were languishing on my PC (sorry Arch!).  Here we have a selection from Manchester.  Absolutely love that bird!

street art_197_01

street art_197_02

street art_197_03

street art_197_04

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A special sketchblog post today.  This is a painting I gave to my friends Ginge and Ellie this weekend in celebration of their birthdays (turning a respective 50 and 40).  Ginge is a friend who shares my appreciation of street art and often sends me photos of the interesting pieces he spots.

Happy birthday you two!

ss 14-01-2018

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Oh the shame of finding a folder of mislaid photos on my computer!  These were kindly taken for me by a friend (hi Daisy!) who visited Germany back in, er, July.  I am suitably red-faced, but still grateful for her photos.  Especially as some of them are fragments of the Berlin wall that have been preserved.

street art_196_01

street art_196_02

street art_196_03

street art_196_05

street art_196_06

street art_196_07

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Buckle up, it’s my holiday diary!  We took a rare winter holiday and explored parts of Yorkshire, which was delightful.  I hope you enjoy my ramblings.

ss 07-01-2018_01

ss 07-01-2018_02

ss 07-01-2018_03

ss 07-01-2018_04

ss 07-01-2018_05

ss 07-01-2018_06

ss 07-01-2018_07

ss 07-01-2018_08

ss 07-01-2018_09

ss 07-01-2018_10

ss 07-01-2018_11

ss 07-01-2018_12

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Part two of my latest spoils from Croydon (click here to view part 1).  My favourite? Totally the squirrels – I love tile art!

street art_195_01

street art_195_02

street art_195_03

street art_195_05

street art_195_06

street art_195_04

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