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Wednesday WIP

Lots of work has been going on in the studio of late, and approximately half of it has involved tidying.

I’ve reorganised a load of stuff, sorting it and labelling things so I no longer spend half my time opening and closing random boxes while fruitlessly searching.

My corner clipper and a few other things are still missing in action but I’m not quite done yet so I’m sure they’ll resurface soon!

Having finally cleared the surface of my desk (for the first time in years), today I ventured into the depths.

Huzzah! I struck gold! I’ve made great progress this morning and am almost done with the great desk purge, but had to call it a day because I could no longer feel my toes. My studio is pretty warm (I do have a heater) but nothing stops the cold coming up through the floor and eventually you just have to give in!

Happy snow day everyone!

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Street Art #202

I didn’t manage to spot much on a recent trip to Bath, but I did quite like the wee rat.  It really is tiny, and overhead on the side of a bridge over the river, so it was a total bugger to get a photo of!

street art_202_01

street art_202_02

street art_202_03

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Happy new year to you all!

ss 18-02-2018

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Street Art #201

A little something I picked up in York in late December.

street art_201

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Street Art #200

If a friend comes home from their holiday and says they saw some street art and thought of me then I’m a happy woman!  The lovely Ana (who owns this gorgeous beast) went to Dublin for a day in early January and brought me some street art for my collection.

street art_200_01

street art_200_02

street art_200_03

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Slowly adding to my outfit notebook (for the previous sketches click here).

ss 04-02-2018

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The tile art down in Little Venice (Street Art #160)  has changed!

street art_199


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