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Those of you with sharp memories will recall that last year I picked up some vintage board games at a car boot sale, and if you’re really on the ball you’ll know that about a week ago I was having fun with some PVA glue and Monopoly money.  I’ve finally finished a few notebooks made with the board games so I thought I’d best show them off.

First up I made a set.  An old cigar box has been decoupaged with Monopoly money and lined with black bookcloth, and the box houses two notebooks (one A5 and one A6).

I’m not sure how well the full set will sell, so the rest of the books will be sold singly.  So far I’ve got another two (one A5 and one A6) Monopoly books, and two A5 Cluedo books – I’ll hopefully finish stitching the A6 Cluedo books tomorrow.

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Back in September I wrote about some of bargains I picked up at the big car boot sale in Chiswick.  I didn’t get a chance to go there in October, but did pop in this weekend (remember, it’s held on the first Sunday of every month).

I was much more restrained with my purchases this time, and managed not to come home with anything bulky (not for lack of choice though, I saw some gorgeous chairs I wanted!).

I got this gorgeous vintage book (£3).  No idea what it’s about, but the cover is so beautiful that I had to have it.  I have plans for this which hopefully I’ll be able to show you at some point in the near future…

I have a bit of a thing for old frames, and I picked up another one today (50p).  I’m going to go through my stash of old book pages and find an illustration which will fit perfectly into it.

Last, but certainly not least, I found some vintage boardgames.  Monopoly (from 1961) and Clue (I can’t find a date but it looks to be from around the same time).  These were a billy bargain at a total of £4.50 for the pair.

Both the sets are missing one piece (Electricity Company card from the Monopoly, and the lead pipe token from Clue) so these are destined to be turned into notebooks which I hope will appeal to the child in everyone.

I’m planning to visit the Chiswick boot sale again in December, and hopefully I’ll pick up some more bargains to share with you.

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The first Sunday of every month sees the mammoth car boot sale at Chiswick Community School (click here to view details).  It’s one of the largest in London, and it’s an absolute treasure trove.  I haven’t been for a couple of years (and when you see what I bought today you’ll understand why!) but this morning I went along and picked up some fabulous bits and pieces.

First up is this shirt (originally from Next), which is going to be perfect for wearing in my studio.  £1.

Next up we’ve got a selection of vintage magazines, comics and books (all £1 each)

I always end up picking up some DVDs whenever I go to a boot sale, and today was no exception (£5 in total for these)

Then we got to the bigger, heavier stuff… like this set of filing drawers, which I couldn’t resist at £8

… and this old crate, which I think is beautiful (and was a bargain at £5)

… and last, but certainly not least, this fantastic old trunk.  It’s HUGE, and I intend to use it as clothing storage once we’ve finally converted our loft (where I’m going to put it in the meantime is a bit of a puzzler…).  I let my mum do the haggling for this and it cost me £10 and a kiss.  Perfect.

A lovely morning and lots of lovely bargains.  It really is a huge car boot sale and if you have the time and inclination it would be easy to spend most of the day there just rummaging through everything.  I was quite restrained and didn’t really look at the clothes and wotnot (the shirt jumped out at me, I hadn’t intended to buy clothing at all!) but there is SO much to see and buy.  First Sunday of every month, try and pop along if you’re free for the next one 🙂

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