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This one is absolutely stunning and, because life is funny like that, it was sent to me by two different people in the space of a fortnight!  You can find this beauty on the side of TOTI (Taste of the Inn) behind the Cartford Inn in Little Eccleston, near St Michael’s on the Wyre.  Many thanks to both Kat and Chloe for spotting it and thinking of me!

#eye #streetart for @thegiftshed

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I’ve been featuring lots of street art from overseas recently, and today we’re firmly back in the UK with a piece my friend Anna spotted on the A354 Portland Road.

street art_218


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A while back my friend Margot sent me a piece she’d spotted in Rotterdam (click here to see that one), but while tidying my files I found she’d also sent me this one!

street art_217

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Carrying on the colourful theme from last week, here’s a beautiful mural from Nijmegen, Netherlands.  Photograph courtesy of my friend Claire (a different Claire from last week!).

street art_216

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A gorgeously colourful piece that you can find by Quai de Valmy, next to the Canal St Martin, in Paris.  Photograph courtesy of my friend Claire.

street art_215

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Part two of the street art from near the Walled Off Hotel.  Many thanks again to Alice for her photographs!

street art_214_01street art_214_02street art_214_03street art_214_04street art_214_05street art_214_06street art_214_07street art_214_08street art_214_09street art_214_10

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Something a bit special this time, and I’ve split it into two parts so you’ll have to come back next Friday for the second batch of photos.  A friend of mine stayed at the Walled Off Hotel last month and she was kind enough to take lots of photos for me.  Without further ado, here’s a selection of the street art you can find adorning the wall that currently separates Palestine and Israel.

street art_213_01street art_213_02street art_213_03street art_213_04street art_213_05street art_213_06street art_213_07street art_213_08street art_213_09

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