Sunday Sketchblog #160

A little drawing to remember our friend George, who passed away earlier this year.


Rest in peace George, you’ll always be remembered.



Street art #179

Another piece from abroad, and this time it’s Namur in Belgium (photos by my friend Paula, thank you!).  The first one is my favourite, although the trees have a lovely simplicity about them.

street art_179_01

street art_179_02

street art_179_03

street art card

A street art special edition that doesn’t have any street art in it.  You’re probably a bit confused!

I received a card in the post from Claire, and it really touched me.  The card read

Thank you for making me look at the world that little bit more closely when I walk around.

Isn’t that lovely?  It really does give me a warm glow to think that at least one other person is now going through the world and noticing things that they might previously have overlooked.  The world is beautiful, sometimes in unexpected ways, and we rush around os much that things get missed.  Slow down, take your time, and look around you.

Street Art #178

One from sunnier climes today!  This colourful piece was spotted by my friend Patricia (my favourite Scrabble opponent), and it was in Plaza Del Trigo de Duero, Spain.  Thank you Patricia!

street art_178

Shop temporarily closed


It’s almost time for my annual holiday!  I”ll be off to Scotland for a couple of weeks and as such my Etsy shop is now closed until 24th September.

It’s been a while since I last did a special edition, and this one is going out because I’ve got regular street art posts scheduled right through to November and I think this one should be seen sooner!  A new Nomadic Garden sprang up in Claremont Road, Queens Park (London, W10) earlier this year and if you’re nearby you should pop in and check it out.  I had a quick peek in July and the garden was already starting to take shape.  I love these projects that make good use of areas that are waiting for redevelopment, it’s wonderful to see something beautiful and/or practical going on instead of just a fenced off bare site.  Visit their Facebook page to learn more.










Street Art #177

Some street art from Manchester this week, courtesy of my friend Eleanor (thank you!). I absolutely love the last one.

street art_177_01

street art_177_02

street art_177_03

street art_177_04

street art_177_05