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Another guest post from Kat!

Red Light District, Amsterdam. #nofuckingphotos campaign to protect sex workers

street art_164_01

street art_164_02

Near Red Light District:

street art_164_03

Dam Square:

street art_164_04

street art_164_05

street art_164_06

street art_164_07

Bulldog bar, famous coffee shop:

street art_164_08


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Commissions are always fun, and they’re especially interesting when they take me out of my comfort zone.  At the end of January a friend asked me if I could do an art nouveau style poster of her friend.  She found one she liked the look of and sent me that together with a photo of her friend, and said she wanted her ‘wreathed in bubbles’ and, if at all possible, for the phrase ‘I love it here!’ to be on there somewhere as that’s all her friend had said for her entire birthday weekend in Amsterdam.

Here’s how it went.






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Some more guest photography from Matt, this time the street art is from Amsterdam.  Love the Rembrandt!

street art_107_01

street art_107_02

street art_107_03

street art_107_04

street art_107_06

street art_107_05

street art_107_07

street art_107_08

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