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To kickstart my return to blogging I’m taking part in Just A Card‘s #indieweek.

Day 1: All About Me.

Who I am: My name is Emma, I’m in my late thirties, born and raised in the same area of NW London in which I still live (which makes me something of a rarity these days I think).  I have a dog, a somewhat obsessive love of JK Rowling’s Wizarding World, and the attention span of a butterfly.  I tend to write the same way as I speak; waffling, going off on tangents, and rarely using one word when three can be shoehorned into the same place.  You’ll get used to it.

What I do: Flit from project to project because I have about as much focus as a concussed duckling? I kid, although in truth that’s actually pretty accurate.  I do turn my hand to a variety of crafts (including lino printing, print gocco, embroidery, and knitting and crochet) but predominately I’m a bookbinder and painter.  My style varies quite a lot (check out my Instagram to see all my paintings, and my Etsy shop to view my notebooks and other stationery) too and depends vastly on my mood.  I like that my work is versatile, but I have to admit that it makes it a little difficult to build a recognisable brand/look!

How I do what I do: Ok, you’ll have to pop back regularly to find out.  One of my intentions going forward is to share the design and making process for some of my past work.


Where I do what I do: I have a studio at the end of my garden, and that’s where messy things like bookbinding and printing take place.  And I have a desk in my bedroom, which is where I paint (because the studio is lovely but the light is much better in the loft!).

And that’s me!  Do follow me on Instagram, and follow Just A Card too!


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This week was a week of tidying up loose ends.  First of all I finished an illustration I started quite some time ago

books 07-02-2012

When I last left it I had inked in the outlines and intended to add the colour with ink, but when I sat down and looked at it again (it resurfaced during the great studio tidy last week) I didn’t think that ink was the way to go.  What to do, then?  One of the other things which turned up while I was tidying was a tin of Caran d’Ache pencils, so I figured I might as well have a play with them.

ss 23-06-2013_01

ss 23-06-2013_02

I started off by adding the background with brown and purple, blended together and then worked with a wet brush, then started adding colour to the books.  I’ve never used Caran d’Ache before so it was a whole new experience for me and I was surprised at how light the colours come out once you add water.

ss 23-06-2013_03

The photo above was taken after two layers of colour had been added to everything.  Quite vibrant, but it didn’t feel quite right so I carried on…

ss 23-06-2013_04

ss 23-06-2013_05

I started deepening the shadows behind the books, and adding shade to the books themselves to stop them looking so flat.

ss 23-06-2013_06

Eventually I was happy with the books, but the white lettering seemed too stark, so I worked on that for a while to bring it down to a creamier shade.

ss 23-06-2013_07

…and voila!  I’m really pleased with this, although it did take ages.  Really, if I’d known how long it would take, and how many layers of colour I’d have to add, I probably wouldn’t have started it in the first place.  Still, all’s well that ends well and I will be looking at having some prints or cards made with this illlustration, so watch this space for updates!

Jenna over at Timballoo has been very productive in her sketchbook since she got back from her honeymoon, pop along and see what delights she’s got this week.

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