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WIP 30-04-2014_05

Fabulous fabric, right?  Here’s what I’m using it for.

WIP 30-04-2014_01

Matt stores his records like this, in open-fronted wooden boxes.  Which is fine, but they do invite dust (and a curious doglet).  He said he’d just drape a throw over the top… nay nay, that would look dreadful.  So I got him to choose some fabric and then leave it with me.

WIP 30-04-2014_02

My very simple solution was to make a flat cover for the front.  The bottom of the cover is tucked under the lower box, and the top of the cover is secured to the top of the upper box using handy magnets.

WIP 30-04-2014_03

So when Matt wants to get at his records he can just pull the cover down, like so:

WIP 30-04-2014_04

It won’t stop the dog if he’s determined to investigate, but it’s a sufficient deterrent for a dog who’s really not that into chewing things other than his toys.  It also looks pretty good!  I need to make a cover for the smaller box and then I’m done with that particular interior design challenge 🙂

For those who like to know these things I got the fabric from this seller on Etsy, but if you search online for “comic book fabric” you’ll get plenty of results and then spend an awful lot of time trying to decide which to buy.

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Earlier this week a friend shared a link on Facebook, and this is the second time that her sharing a link has led me to discover another artist with really cool work.  The work in question is Superheroes – Past/Present, By Spaceman (Khoa Ho).  I fell in love with these superhero illustrations (and so did my partner), and I knew immediately that I wanted to put them in our new coat rack.

There are limited edition prints of each superhero illustration available at HCG, but they’re way too big.  So I e-mailed the artist to find out if I could get smaller editions of the prints.  He replied very quickly and suggested that I just print them out from the web versions.

Of course I had thought of that, but I have a healthy respect for the copyright of other artists so I felt I ought to ask first!  Anyway, I printed the pictures this morning and now I can show off my new coat rack – which is now possibly the coolest coat rack in the entire world.  Many thanks to Spaceman for his amazing artwork!

I will be keeping an eye on Spaceman’s work as I’m really hoping to see a villains version of this series – that would be fantastic (although I’d need to find room for another coat rack…).





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