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Back in March a new piece of street art appeared next to Queens Park Station.  Then in April, right around Easter, Fauntleroy Snooty came back and altered it…

street art_76_04

There were even bunnies on the floor and wall nearby.

street art_76_03

street art_76_02

In May it underwent another transformation, this time by Angus.  I like it, but I’m now curious to see who or what will appear next!

street art_76_01

Update: I actually wrote this post back in May and scheduled it for publication in July (no, I’m not super organised, I just have a backlog of street art!) and when I walked up to Queens Park station on 8th July I found that the art had once again changed.

street art_76_05

So come on, shall we place bets on what will appear in this spot next?

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Some very quick sketches done on the way to the football this evening. You might be pleased to know that the legs with the heels don’t belong to the guy with the beanie hat – it was just unfortunate placement on the page!

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