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Part two of the street art from near the Walled Off Hotel.  Many thanks again to Alice for her photographs!

street art_214_01street art_214_02street art_214_03street art_214_04street art_214_05street art_214_06street art_214_07street art_214_08street art_214_09street art_214_10

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Something a bit special this time, and I’ve split it into two parts so you’ll have to come back next Friday for the second batch of photos.  A friend of mine stayed at the Walled Off Hotel last month and she was kind enough to take lots of photos for me.  Without further ado, here’s a selection of the street art you can find adorning the wall that currently separates Palestine and Israel.

street art_213_01street art_213_02street art_213_03street art_213_04street art_213_05street art_213_06street art_213_07street art_213_08street art_213_09

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I finally got to see this exhibition yesterday, and it was awesome. I had hoped to do some sketching whilst in there, but given the extraordinarily long queues outside (4 hours +) it felt a bit selfish to stand around sketching while there were so many people waiting to come in. So this is the only sketch of the day, a view of the outside of the museum taken while drinking hot chocolate at a cafe across the road.

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