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Beatrix Potter notebooks now back in stock.  This includes a few Peter Rabbit ones, which are usually the first to sell out so grab them while you can! Click here to visit my shop.


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It’s that time of year again, summer holiday sketchbook!

ss 04-10-2015_01

ss 04-10-2015_02

ss 04-10-2015_04

ss 04-10-2015_05

ss 04-10-2015_06

ss 04-10-2015_07

ss 04-10-2015_08

ss 04-10-2015_09

ss 04-10-2015_10

ss 04-10-2015_11

ss 04-10-2015_12

ss 04-10-2015_13

ss 04-10-2015_14

ss 04-10-2015_15

ss 04-10-2015_16

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I didn’t get a chance to do much (any?) blogging last week so here’s a quick look at what I’ve been up to recently…

wip 01-04-2015_01

wip 01-04-2015_02

…lots of bunting in the process of being made, but I’m having to do it in bits and pieces because my pinking shears are a bit uncomfortable and despite rigging up a leather finger guard I can only do so many flags before I have either a dent or a blister on my finger 😦

wip 01-04-2015_03

Yes, I should probably just buy some different pinking shears…but I’m too tightfisted!

wip 01-04-2015_04

More embroidery, a commissioned piece this time, and in the photo above you can see 100 French knots.  I gave up counting after that but I think there were around 1,000 knots in the finished piece (which I will blog about soon!).

wip 01-04-2015_05

After a bit of a break in my knitting and crochet habit I’ve picked up my hook again to make the cosy blanket designed by Lucy of Attic24.  It’s a nice easy pattern, and I bought one of the yarn packs from Wool Warehouse so I didn’t even need to worry about buying the right colours.  Gratuitous yarn/shiba photo…

wip 01-04-2015_06

…and that’s it for now.  I really have been a bit rubbish at remembering to blog stuff so I will be trying to catch up with things over the bank holiday weekend!

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I’ve been having a bit of a catch up in the studio over the past few weeks, trying to sort out the rather chaotic mess of half-finished projects so that I’ve got room to start work on some new things.  One of the many piles consisted solely of partially completed Beatrix Potter notebooks, which took quite some time to work through but I did eventually get them all finished.  My current stock includes some of the Peter Rabbit ones, which usually sell out very fast so if you want one then you’d best get moving!

They’ve all been added to my Etsy shop now, and you can view them all by clicking here.

Want to get 10% off your order?  Use coupon code JAN2015 during checkout.  This code is valid on orders over £10, and expires at the end of January 2015.

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It’s been a whole year since I last visited the Chiswick boot sale, which is probably for the best given my inability to say no to bargains!  I picked up some lovely bits and pieces today…

bsb 04-05-2014_01

So, we have eight volumes of Shakespeare, for a grand total of £4.

bsb 04-05-2014_02

A copy of Robinson Crusoe for £2 (the spine is knackered but the covers are gorgeous).

bsb 04-05-2014_03

A pretty book for £1

bsb 04-05-2014_04

Another pretty book for £2 (look at the spine on that!)

bsb 04-05-2014_05bsb 04-05-2014_06

Observer book of military airplanes, £1.

bsb 04-05-2014_07

Four ladybird books and a couple of Beatrix Potter books, £3.

bsb 04-05-2014_08

Big book of animals.  Knackered spine on this one, but the covers are still vibrant.  Full of beautiful line drawings (although some have been defaced by the original owner).

bsb 04-05-2014_10

bsb 04-05-2014_12

bsb 04-05-2014_11

Some lovely vintage Look & Learn comics, 20p each.

bsb 04-05-2014_13

A huge stack of vintage Dandy comics for £10.

bsb 04-05-2014_14

Last, but not least, this HUGE book (see the first photo at the top which will give you an idea of the size) which I have grand plans for.  £3 for this beast.  The woman had another two copies and wanted £10 for the lot, but I really only needed one (see, I can say no occasionally!).

bsb 04-05-2014_15

Not a bad haul, and I bought a very pretty linen dress too (brand new, and sadly not cheap in the grand scheme of things, but it’s gorgeous)…

2014-05-04 10.33.50

That’s it for this month!

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wip 04-12-2013_01Last weekend was an exceptionally busy one, and although I had a great time at the Christmas Flea I was more than ready to get back to my usual routine this week.  As the festive season draws nearer I’ve had various commissions to juggle.  First up was an order of mug sweaters, which I’ve just finished today…

wip 04-12-2013_02

I’ve also had some actual notebooks to make…

wip 04-12-2013_03

…and I have one more to complete and then I’ll be up to date with custom orders (for now!).

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I had a custom order for some bunting so I figured I might as well make some more Beatrix Potter bunting while I was at it.  Click here to see what’s available.

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