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Street art #179

Another piece from abroad, and this time it’s Namur in Belgium (photos by my friend Paula, thank you!).  The first one is my favourite, although the trees have a lovely simplicity about them.

street art_179_01

street art_179_02

street art_179_03

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I have such a backlog of street art already scheduled that it takes us all the way to the end of January, so any new submissions I receive are now getting the special edition treatment so they appear on the blog more quickly!

This special edition was provided by my friend Paula, who spotted some street art in Hasselt, Belgium.  Thank you, Paula, I especially love the owl 🙂





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It’s been a long time since I added to my Inspiration by Post project, so please click here if you’re new to my blog and would like a little background information.

Back in October last year I received this lovely postcard from Paula in Belgium.  Of course that was just after we’d received dad’s diagnosis, so pretty much everything got shelved without further thought at that point.

I was tidying my studio earlier this week and rediscovered this postcard amidst a pile of other things, and was immediately drawn to the colours.  The muted tones of brown, green, yellow and orange are so warm and very autumnal.  I wanted to do something with them, and ended up simplifying the palette to three colours and keeping the design incredibly simple.  The leather I used is incredibly soft and velvety to the touch, and I didn’t want a complex design to overwhelm the simple tactile feel and the limited choice of colours.


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