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So, a few days ago I posted that my new yarn had arrived.  I decided to knit it into a book cover.  Yes, knit.  I’m not a very good, or very fast, knitter – but I tried a few rows of crochet and the fabric was coming out too thick, so knitting it had to be (simple stocking stitch, edged with a row of single crochet when it was finished).

The yarn is stunning, but it was a bloody nightmare to knit with.  It kept tangling and having to be sorted out every couple of rows.  It was also quite uneven, so by the time I had finished the rectangle I’d been aiming for was hideously curled and distorted.  Bah.

Blocking turned out to be the answer.  I’ve never blocked a piece of knitting (or crochet) before, but there was no alternative so I gave it a go.  I soaked the piece of knitting with warm water (a lot of the instructions I found online said to pin it out and then just spritz it, but really that wouldn’t have worked with this deformed monstrosity), and then pinned it out on a cushion and put it down in the garden first thing this morning.  It’s been a lovely mild day here in London and it dried out very quickly, so here it is.

Right side:

Wrong side:

I’m going to crochet a tie for it, and then it’s ready to be made into a notebook!


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