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I’ve done embossing before: not much of it, but the results were good.  However up until recently I’d only ever used a rubber stamp to mark the area that was to be embossed.  It hadn’t even occurred to me that you can buy pens with the embossing ink in them, so that you have total freedom in design.  So I bought a Versamark pen and decided to give it a go last week on a postcard I drew to send to a friend.


Doesn’t look very interesting from that angle, but…


…bingo!  Not perfect, but not bad either.  The problem I had was that the ink seemed to sink into the paper really quickly, so the embossing powder didn’t adhere firmly.  I ended up having to go over areas again once I’d heated the paper and then going over it with the heat gun a second time.  I suspect this might be a problem caused by the paper (watercolour paper) being too absorbent.  So I’m going to try again, but do things a bit differently.  I’ve ordered a refill bottle of the ink (which you’d usually use to reink a stamp pad) and next time I’m going to try applying the ink using a paintbrush.  Hopefully that will allow me to get enough ink on that it doesn’t dry out or get absorbed before I can sprinkle the powder on.  I’ve also learned that I need to do something to the rest of the paper before I start so that it’s easier to tap/blow the excess powder off before applying heat.  You can see all the little flecks of powder that got accidentally embossed on this attempt!  I’m away from home at the moment so any more attempts at embossing will have to wait a couple of weeks, but in the meantime I’m going to come up with some designs.

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