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I’m not much of a baker, but I do occasionally get the urge.  I’ve been off sick this week with a cold (don’t be fooled by that mild description, it’s so bad that I’m on steroid tablets for my chest!) and haven’t felt up to doing much, but this morning I just had to do something, so I thought I’d try out an idea I’d had floating about for a while.

I started off by making a spiced chai concentrate, using this recipe.  Many thanks to my friend Dawn for recommending the recipe.

Then I used this recipe to make the sponge.  Please note that I used icing sugar as lots of Googling led me to the conclusion that there is no real difference between powdered sugar and icing sugar other than the name.  I baked mine for 35 mins, but in future would probably check it after 30 mins as the very edges had started to go a bit tough.  I was a tad concerned when it came out of the oven because it looked so flat, but the texture is gorgeous! 

I’ve never made frosting before (only buttercream), so I used this recipe from the BBC site.  I halved the recipe, and added the spiced chai concentrate to taste, but there was still oodles of frosting left over so I would suggest making only a quarter of the recipe as that will still be more than ample to cover the cake! 

Verdict: absolutely delicious, and one quarter of the cake is a nice sized serving which doesn’t leave you feeling too full.  I will enjoy eating the rest of this cake, and will definitely make it again in the future 🙂

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22nd October 2012 – “Dimply plum cake

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Cakes and Cookies

The friend I went to stay with over the weekend had baked a delicious selection of cakes and cookies. Unfortunately I’m lactose intolerant, and they all had chocolate in – so I could have them, but only in limited doses! She packed a box full of goodies for me to take away, and when I popped some on a plate today they looked so good I thought they ought to be immortalised… so here they are!

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