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A selection of street art I spotted in Camden back in April.  Includes work by Otto Schade, Morganico, and Bambi.



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A few bits and pieces I picked up on the canal while walking from Kings Cross to Camden.

street art_173_01

street art_173_02

street art_173_03

street art_173_04

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A nice selection of street art I collected on a walk through Camden back at the end of March.

street art_170_01

street art_170_02

street art_170_03

street art_170_04

street art_170_05

street art_170_06

street art_170_07

street art_170_08

street art_170_09

street art_170_10

street art_170_11

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A small selection of art from Camden this week.  I took the photos back in February and we were just passing through in the van – I pulled over to quickly take the pictures but didn’t pay proper attention to where I was!  I think it might have been Harmood Street, NW1… includes artwork by @moleculahowl, @autone1, and @itaewon_myl

street art_125_01

street art_125_02

street art_125_03

street art_125_04

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I’m usually pretty good at remembering where I photographed bits of street art (or, rather, I usually make notes as I go) but this time I didn’t.  I don’t go over to Camden very often, and in fact up until last month I’d not been there for a couple of years.  We decided to take the doglet on an outing though, his first trip to Camden, and it was a very exciting day out for him.  We walked there via the canal, then ambled around and ended up in a sort of food coma.  I took lots of photos, but mostly have no clue where they were taken!

street art_105_01

street art_105_02

street art_105_03

street art_105_04

street art_105_05

street art_105_06

street art_105_07

street art_105_08

street art_105_09

street art_105_10

street art_105_14

street art_105_13

street art_105_12

street art_105_11

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