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I can’t believe that it’s September already, this month has flown by.  Still, time waits for no man and so on Sunday just gone I made the usual pilgrimage up to Chiswick with my mother to see what we could find.

I hadn’t intended to spend much money (as I’m broke), and thus hadn’t brought much with me… so it’s good job that I did go with my mother as I had to rely on her purse in the end.  Bargains really do need to be snapped up when you see them, they might not be there when you go back!
First up is this fabulous vintage school desk.  I’ve wanted one of these since I built the studio in my garden, but they’re usually far too expensive (ranging from £40 for a single desk to £100 for a double like this one), so I’ve had to reluctantly walk away from all the others.  This one has been painted black at some point, but the wood is sound and I intend to strip it back to the bare wood at some point (probably next year).  Bargain price of £35, from the very nice man who sold me a trunk this time last year!

It’s the perfect size.  I’ve removed the two cheap and cheerful Ikea desks I had in there, and this one allows room at the end for the cupboard I bought last month!  Of course I had to half empty my studio and tidy up again in order to rearrange everything, but it was definitely worth it.

Next up we have a load of DVDs… this first lot ranged from 50p to £1 each (Sleeping Beauty was a particular bargain, Disney classics are usually £5 upwards)…

… and then I just couldn’t help myself when I saw all eight series of Charmed… a bargaintastic £30, and they threw in the Back to the Future trilogy as a freebie!

That lot ought to keep me entertained for the foreseeable future while I work in my studio!

Last up from Chiswick this month were some nice wooden boxes.  The first one was 50p, and the second one £2 – I plan to make a miniature book to fit into each section.

A trip to the boot sale wouldn’t be complete without books of some description, and I was pleased to find some more Enid Blyton books at 50p each.

These last items weren’t from Chiswick, but I picked them up on Saturday at a sale being held by a prop hire company.  It was a pretty random discovery, I passed by their premises when I was on my way back from the tip and saw them setting up tables so I went back a couple of hours later to have a rummage.  Lovely old cigar boxes, sturdier than the usual ones I get, £1 each.

That’s it for this month, and I do need to be a little more frugal so hopefully I won’t see anything too tempting next time!

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