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Another commission, this one an embroidered letter.  This customer purchased one of the embroidered letters from my Etsy shop – the ‘A’, as both she and her husband have the same first initial.  She then decided she wanted their last initial too, in colours to complement the other one.  I was very happy to oblige (in a strange, slightly masochistic, way I do enjoy embroidery!), and I’m chuffed to bits with the finished piece.  The original letter was pink with turquoise highlights, and this one is the opposite – the shades used on each are slightly different, but they complement each other nicely.

Fun fact: I lost count after the first hundred, but I estimate that there are around 1,000 French knots in this piece of embroidery.





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Yes, I know I said no more embroidery for a while but someone requested a particular letter 🙂


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letters 25-02-2015

Embroidery isn’t really my thing.  I really enjoy it, but I lack the patience to do much of it!  I started this project a couple of weeks ago and frankly I’m amazed that I finished it so quickly.  Perchance it was because I wanted to get it off my desk…

Still, I’m pleased with the way it turned out.  I’ve had a bit of a hankering for the circus lately thanks to The Night Circus – if you haven’t read the book then don’t click on the link (which will take you to the Wikipedia entry and is full of spoilers), just find a copy and read it.  Anyway, this project was inspired jointly by my love of the book, and my enthusiasm for my newly tidied embroidery threads.  I’ll be honest, I had half a mind to do the entire alphabet but then came to my senses and decided to just do the first four letters – if anyone fancies a different letter then of course I’d be happy to take on a custom order, as I’m bound to regain my enthusiasm after a bit of a break from the seemingly endless French knots!

To view the new embroidery section of my Etsy shop, click here.

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