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Yesterday I visited Kew Gardens for the first time in 13 months.  The last time I visited I was with my father, and it was his last trip to see the gardens so going back was quite an emotional occasion.  I’m glad that I went, and it seems fitting that it was on the occasion of the winter solstice.  Midwinter always feels like the start of something new: the days start to lengthen, the sun begins to warm the earth more, and we’re heading back towards spring.  I let my Kew membership lapse after my father died, but I renewed it yesterday and hope to start visiting the gardens on a regular basis again.

Here are some photographs from yesterday, showing some of the gorgeous clear weather and beautiful winter colour.

The red stems of cornus, seen from the Sackler Crossing

The Sackler Crossing

More vibrant cornus

View across the Thames

The unassuming but sweetly scented blooms of Osmanthus heterophyllus

Bright red rowan berries

White rowan berries

Callicarpa berries almost look false, they’re such a bright purple

A bee enjoying a camellia blossom in the sunshine

The Times Eureka Garden

The sun starting to go down on the shortest day


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The weather was glorious today; warm and sunny but with a bit of a breeze so it wasn’t too hot (although it’s still much warmer than I would expect for April). As such I knocked off work early so that I could sit around in my client’s garden for half an hour and try and sketch some more flowers. Tulip ‘Raspberry Ripple’ (good name, eh?), bluebells, and a random cornus leaf.

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