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Today I attended the Crafty Fox Pop Up Market which was being held at The Dogstar pub in Brixton.  I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect in terms of foot traffic, but my goodness it was busy!

I had a small table, only 80 x 80cm, and I really struggled to get much stock onto it (so a large amount of my books ended up being stashed in boxes under the table).  However, this didn’t seem to deter customers and I had a very successful day.

I wasn’t alone, I had Matt with me and it was a blooming good job I did: I wouldn’t have been able to get all my stuff there without him, and it got so busy at times that you really did need to have two people, one to deal with customers and the other to take their money and make change.

There were lots of other interesting stalls there, and here are a few that caught my eye:

It really was a great day.  Incredibly busy, but successful and good fun!  It was a long day (the market opened at 11am and ran until 6pm) and by the end of it we were very much in need of a drink…

Matt bought me a present while we were there, something from one of the other stalls.  He bought me… a Warm Thought.

Isn’t it great?  A cute concept, wonderfully executed.  Just perfect 🙂  If you’d like to get your own Warm Thought (or see what other goodies they have) then visit http://stuffed-nonsense.blogspot.com/.

A huge amount of thanks has to go to Sinead, who organised the fair and worked incredibly hard on the publicity for it.  She did a fantastic job and I hope she enjoyed the fair as much as we did!


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I’m no domestic goddess, and aprons have always been rather foreign to me.  However, I thought I could do with an apron of sorts to wear to fairs and markets – especially as my outfits often lack pockets, so having an apron with a big pocket started to seem very appealing.

So I settled down on Thursday and made one.  It’s made of felt, as I have lots of that kicking around the place, and it’s entirely hand sewn as I don’t have a sewing machine (my mother has one, but’s an industrial machine leftover from a job she had when I was a kid, and it frightens the hell out of me).

My apron will be used for the first time tomorrow at the Crafty Fox Pop Up Market in Brixton.  Come along and see me at my stall if you’re in the area!

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I’ve left it rather late to promote this, but I will be having a stall at The Crafty Fox Pop Up Market on 11th December.

Details of venue and times can be found at www.craftyfoxmarket.blogspot.com.  You can also see which other sellers will be there toting their wares.

If you’re in London and able to pop along that day it would be lovely to see you!

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