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Today’s street art comes from an unusual source: my mother.  She’s travelled a lot in the past year but on her last holiday of 2016 she surprised me by coming home with photos of “gravity” (which is a great malapropism!).  She’s not a great photographer, and her memory is shocking so all I can say is that I think these were taken in Barcelona and/or Valencia.  Definitely somewhere in that neck of the Med anyway.  I love the cross-stitched ones (first and last photos), they’re such an unusual type of street art and I’m now sorely tempted to find a fence to cross stitch on!









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I’ve finally got my computer back again, after not having access to it for a month.  I have to say I’ve not really missed it, apart from my e-mails and the fact that it’s a lot more fiddly to write blog posts without it (I can do it from my phone, but it just takes so long).

Anyway, week before last I went to The Spring Knitting & Stitching Show at Olympia, and normally I would have blogged about it straight away… but here I am, late, and the show is long since finished but that doesn’t mean I can’t still show you some pretty things.

There were an awful lot of beautiful knitting goodies available, and I noticed that gift sets seemed to be quite a big thing this year.  This make-a-doll set was pretty cute…


…but it was these luxury knitting hampers from The Little Knitting Company that really had me drooling.  Sadly well out of my price range, but a girl can dream can’t she?  I also loved these rosewood or subabul knitting needles (handmade and ethically sourced, for those who like to know these things).


Is it time for a gratuitous teddy bear yet?  I think it must be…


This incredibly soft and fluffy bear (and really, you have to feel him to believe just how marvellously soft and fluffy he is) is by TOFT, and made from real alpaca fur.  Don’t worry, no alpacas were harmed in the making of this bear (he’s the byproduct of a young alpaca that died of natural causes).

Anyway, I didn’t buy any yarn this year.  Nope, not a single ball or skein.  Yes, you heard that right!  What I did buy was ALL the fabric…


…as well as some pretty buttons and ribbons…


There was a plethora of beautiful yarn to choose from, but as I don’t have any specific knitting/crochet projects on the go at the moment (and my current stash is already a little on the large size…) I thought I would be a good girl and buy fabric instead.  These will all feature on notebooks in the future, so keep your eyes on my shop in the months to come.

The show was great fun again, and I not only got to indulge in shopping but also got to sit down and have a natter with Mr X Stitch himself.  He’s a lovely bloke and I really enjoyed chatting with him and some of the other people at his stand, plus I got to do a little cross-stitching too



I’d forgotten how much I enjoy cross-stitching (I’ve not done any for at least a year), but my goodness did it give me a bit of a backache!  I’m proud of my little space invader though, and will probably add another one to that piece before I’m through.

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Wednesday WIP (work in progress), a title borrowed from Kirst over at The Leopard Anchor because it fits the bill perfectly for this post.  I’ve been very infrequent with my blogging over the past month or so because I’ve been kept too busy!  What with gardening work, various craft projects, a last minute spot at Kensal Flea, and being told there’s a void under my lawn (don’t ask) I’ve not had much in the way of spare time.

So, what projects have I been working on?  Well the one with highest priority is a shawl I’ve been making for one of my aunts.  My mum’s going to visit her family again in Indonesia and she flies out in mid-October… so of course I have a deadline for this!  The good news is that I’m nearly finished (in fact I’m hoping to finish it by Friday), and as soon as it is finished I’ll blog about it properly.  In the meantime here’s a work in progress shot from last month .

Next on the list of ongoing projects are hats for The Big Knit.  I had hoped to make more but didn’t realise the deadline was 1st October, so I went and dropped off at Innocent HQ in Ladbroke Grove this morning as I’m going to be busy for the rest of the week.  My grand total?  60 hats!  I’m really pleased with that, and also chuffed that making them helped use up most of the scraps of yarn I had stashed away.  Stashbusting and something for charity, I wish all projects could be this rewarding 🙂  All the hats I managed to make are shown below.

Oh, and here’s a bonus photo of the inside of Fruit Towers – I was given a tour when I dropped the hats off (and a bag full of smoothies too!).

Hexipuffs… still a work in progress but I haven’t made any since I started the Innocent hats.  Looking forward to picking these up again next week.

Spinning… well, this has gone well and I actually finished spinning this roving into yarn a few weeks ago, but then it took me a couple of weeks to get round to soaking it to set the twist, and then it was another week before I got round to winding it into a ball.  Lazy, aren’t I?  Still, this is the finished product and I’ll have to try making a hexipuff with it soon!

I think the last project I have on the go is some Christmas cross stitch.  I think I’m going to make some baubles with these snowflakes, but we shall see.

More on those very soon I hope!

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A couple of weeks ago I posted about my new love of cross stitch, and now I’ve finished my first proper cross stitch project here are the results…

Not bad eh?  Here they are one by one

I have to admit that I lost my way a bit with the carrot foliage and ended up making it up a bit as I went along, but it seems to have turned out ok!

Verdict: I’m still enjoying it…but it really does play havoc with my eyes, especially as most of the time I have to do cross stitch is in the evenings when the light isn’t so good.  I’m going to attempt the Witchy Washy pattern next, but not for a little while as I have a few other things on the go at the moment.

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If you’re new to the Scavenger Hunt then please visit Kirst’s blog to see how this all began.  I’m acting as guest host again this month, and I hope you find everything to your liking!

I’ll start off with a list of those people who are taking part – please do visit their blogs and have a look at their entries for this month.  If they haven’t posted their photographs yet then please be patient and check again on the 31st!


I’ve been poring over magazines again this month, as well as books, and especially CrossStitcher which is my new favourite thing…

Something I Made

I’m ridiculously proud of this piece of cross stitch

Motifs: Retro

Perhaps more vintage than retro, but it’s the thought that counts, yes?


Sunlight on a wooden floor which really caught my eye.


You’d think I’d be spoiled for choice for this category, but I actually really struggled!  In the end I took a slightly different view of things…


Clearly I had a bit of a yen for the sepia filter this month…

In a few days, once I’ve had a chance to view all the entries for this month, I’ll put up my favourites – please do pop back to have a look!  In the meantime Jeneveve over at Timballoo will be guest-hosting for April (it’s my birthday next month so I figured I’d have a break!), so please pop along to her blog on Monday 2nd April to see what topics she’s chosen 🙂

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A beautifully sunny day, perfect for sitting out in the garden and working on a little project.

26th March 2012 – “Sunshine and stitching”

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It was inevitable really because I do seem to have an insatiable need to learn new crafts, but I have picked up a new hobby: cross stitch.  My interest was piqued last year when a friend sent me a minature cross stitch kit, I enjoyed it a lot but didn’t have the time to look into it further when I’d completed the kit.

A year on and I’ve definitely caught the bug.  When I visited Stitch & Craft a couple of weeks ago I was fascinated by the variety of cross stitch patterns that were available, and did buy a pattern which I’ll be attempting soon.  I also ended up getting a subscription to CrossStitcher magazine, and on my way home picked up a copy of the March issue too.

The March issue of CrossStitcher has got loads of vintage style patterns in it and I was particularly taken with these vegetable ones.  I thought that, as they’re small, they’d make a good starter project for me before I attempt the larger pattern I bought at the show.

I started off quite well really although I didn’t have all the right colours.  I had to make do with the selection of threads I had in the house so there were a lot of substitutions and trying to match colours as closely as possible by eye.  I finished the first one this afternoon and I’m really proud of it.  It’s not perfect but it’s pretty good!

I think I’ll tackle the tomato one next, and as an added bonus these little cross stitch patterns have given me another idea…

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