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ss 08-12-2013


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The weather has been pretty glorious this week: British summertime has finally arrived!  As a result of the clement weather I’ve spent most of the time working, either in my garden or those belonging to clients.  My studio is currently a messy, deserted place, which is a little sad but pretty much par for the course in the warmer months.

I haven’t had much time for sketching this week, and the only vaguely creative thing I’ve put on paper is some rough ideas for redecorating/redesigning our kitchen.  It’s a bit of a chore, at the moment a lot of space is wasted and whilst in theory redesigning it is straightforward, it’s actually more complicated than it needs to be because of my mother.  She’s ridiculously attached to one of the ugliest cupboards I’ve ever seen, and also seems to rebel against logical changes just for the sheer hell of it.

Redesigning the kitchen might, therefore, be one of the hardest challenges ever.

ss 09-06-2013_01

ss 09-06-2013_02

ss 09-06-2013_03

I don’t expect to make much progress with the kitchen for quite some time…

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