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A little drawing to remember our friend George, who passed away earlier this year.


Rest in peace George, you’ll always be remembered.



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Another quick but colourful one this week, spotted just opposite Trellick Tower (Golborne Road, W10) a few weeks ago.


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Last weekend I went up to Inverness for a little holiday, and as is now my custom I kept a sketch diary.  Enjoy!  For previous Scottish holidays see Summer Holiday 2010, Sunday Sketchblog #117, Sunday Sketchblog #137, and Sunday Sketchblog #138.

ss 05-03-2016_01

ss 05-03-2016_02

ss 05-03-2016_03

ss 05-03-2016_04

ss 05-03-2016_05

ss 05-03-2016_06

ss 05-03-2016_07

ss 05-03-2016_08

ss 05-03-2016_09

ss 05-03-2016_10

ss 05-03-2016_11

ss 05-03-2016_12

ss 05-03-2016_13

ss 05-03-2016_14

ss 05-03-2016_15

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Right this minute I’m away in Orkney, and hopefully getting a chance to draw en plein air.  I’ll have plenty of sketches to show from my trip when I get back at the end of the month.  In the meantime here’s a gift I gave to my friends in Inverness when we stayed with them last week.  The drawing is based on a photograph of Marley I took during their visit here in May.  Cheeky blighter was in the house all of ten minutes before I found him in the bathroom sink!

Marley 05-09-2015

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Turns out that drawing incredibly fluffy white dogs is absolutely as difficult as it looks.  This is Ghost, a very pretty samoyed that my dog plays with at the park.  She’s an absolute stunner (my boy does have good taste in bitches!) and I might have a go at drawing her in pencil another time, to see if I can get better detail.

If you’re Ghost’s owner and you happen to pop by and see this, please do leave a comment!


Ghost 08-09-2015


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ss 26-04-2015_01

ss 26-04-2015_02

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ss 22-03-2015_01

ss 22-03-2015_02

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