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My studio is often a chaotic place (tidiness doesn’t come naturally to me) so it’s not unusual for me to mislay things only to find them months later.  I recently rediscovered a whole stash of dalek notebook covers which I’d totally forgotten about – quite a joyful find!  They’ve now been bound into books and are available in my Etsy shop.  Click here to go directly to them.


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dr who_03

A long time ago (August 2013, to be more precise) I came across some amigurumi patterns for various incarnations of Dr Who (plus the Tardis).  The dolls made from these patterns looked fabulous – don’t just take my word for it, go and see all eleven doctors by clicking here.  My partner’s nephew is crazy about all things Dr Who (in 2012 I made him a Dr Who quilt) so I decided that, for xmas 2013, I would make him a Dr Who and a Tardis.

Having checked with my sister-in-sin as to which Doctor Who I ought to make, I purchased the patterns via Ravelry and immediately started scratching my head with puzzlement.  The pattern for the doctor doesn’t give you any idea as to how much yarn you’re going to need.  It tells you that you need yarn in various colours (as one would imagine for body, shirt, trousers, jacket, hair, etc.)… but not even a hint about how much of each.

So, you need seven different colours of yarn, but no idea how much of each.  Ok, some are going to be easy to work out (you’re not going to need much red yarn, for instance, to crochet a fez and a bow tie), but for things like the tweed jacket and the Doctor’s skin I was really quite annoyed at not being given even a rough guide.  Not everyone has things like tweed or flesh-tone yarn kicking around, and having to buy a whole ball of something new when you might be able to scrounge a partial ball from somewhere instead is very frustrating.

I did scrounge some yarn in the end, for the tweed jacket and the skin, but the flesh tone was a little too dark and the tweed wasn’t quite right…

dr who_01

See, more grey than brown in that photo, but there was something not quite right about the texture.  It was about this point that I got distracted by other things (such as our new puppy…) and poor old Dr Who was left by the wayside.  Archie never did get his special handmade gift from me at xmas time…

Anyway, I did eventually go back to this project and went and bought myself some tweed wool (and didn’t use it all, so was able to do this with the leftovers), and a ball of flesh tone too (no idea what I’m going to do with the rest of that).  Dr Who came along quickly after that and despite my irritation at the vagueness of the materials list it’s actually a very easy pattern to follow.

dr who_02

dr who_04

dr who_05

I will eventually finish the eleventh Doctor (once my house is no longer a building site!), hopefully in time for Archie’s birthday in July (and when I do I will post another update with photos).


But what about the Tardis?  Well that wasn’t such a success, more’s the pity.  When I purchased the pattern I really should have paid closer attention to the description which said “You also need felt, plastic canvas, printable fabric, and other odds and ends.”

Hmm, that’s a lot of extra materials.  Still, I scrounged some royal blue yarn from a friend and made a start anyway… and then lost the will to live.  This is far as I got before I decided to abandon the project altogether.


It really was incredibly dull work, and when I had a look online to see how much the extra materials would cost me (mainly the plastic canvas and printable fabric) I was appalled – after all this was supposed to be a fun gift, just a little extra present for Archie as he’d already had his main presents.  The pattern is great, after all it’s been really well designed and the finished object (assuming you do have all the bits and pieces necessary for completion) is pretty amazing looking … but really I just wasn’t feeling the Tardis love.  Sorry Archie!

Would I recommend these patterns?  Yes, although do be aware that the amount of yarn you’ll need for the Doctor will remain a mystery until you actually need to use it…

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It’s been a slow couple of weeks here at The Gift Shed.  Unusually, for me, the lazy festive feeling has persisted way beyond the start of the year and I’ve been lacking somewhat in motivation.  I’ve spent most of my time walking the doglet, playing with the doglet, and napping with the doglet.  All that dog walking has been quite useful though, as it gives me a lot of time to mull over ideas and designs – so I’ve not been entirely idle!

I did pick up my crochet over the weekend and finally made a bit more progress on a very belated present for my nephew…

wip 15-01-2014_01

…hopefully I will finish that particular project soon – I  hate it when things drag on!

wip 15-01-2014_02

One of the ideas that got mulled over while dog-walking was to do some paper cut designs.  I had my first go earlier this week and will go into more detail another time, but if you fancy a peek at the finished result you can see it in my shop by clicking here.

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…Dr Who’s there!  The Doctor returns to my Etsy shop courtesy of some beautiful fabrics from Spoonflower.  I’ve made some coptic bound books in two sizes, and some A6 sized casebound books for those of a more traditional bent.  These books will be available in my Etsy shop from Thursday evening, so keep your eyes peeled and please help spread the word!



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I’m the first to whinge when I receive poor customer service (although, to be fair, I have experienced some truly shocking service from certain companies in the past).  So I thought I would take this opportunity to shout loud and proud about some very good customer service I’ve just received.

Way back in April 2012 I ordered some fabric from Spoonflower.  Not much, just a couple of yards which were destined to become a quilt.  I used the leftovers to make some notebooks, and they were so popular that at the start of December I thought I’d place another order with Spoonflower.

My first order took just two weeks to arrive, which I thought was pretty darn good, so I eagerly anticipated having my new fabrics by the start of 2013.  Christmas and New Year came and went and there was no sign of them, but I assumed it was just the usual festive delay.  Alas by the end of last week there was still no sign, so on Sunday I contacted Spoonflower to ask what might happen next.

On Monday I received a reply from a very nice lady who apologised for my order having gone missing en route, and assured me that a replacement order would be despatched on Wednesday.  I was pleased with this, although a bit disappointed as I just assumed that it would still take a week or so to reach me.

Boy was I wrong.  My doorbell rang at just gone 9am on Thursday, and it was a FedEx man with my replacement order.  My jaw certainly hit the ground!  The shipping date on it was 22nd, so they had definitely rushed the replacement out in super quick time, and I’m over the moon about it.

This is good customer service: they were swift to respond when I contacted them, they were apologetic (even though it’s no fault of theirs that the first parcel had been lost in the post), and they dealt with the matter super efficiently.  Top marks to Spoonflower for having an excellent range of fabric designs with which to attract customers, and the good service to retain said customers in the long term.

So, what did I actually buy?  Well…


I’ve had two of these fabrics before (the ones in the middle), but these two are a first for me:



I love these and have already made a start on making some books with them… watch this space for further updates!

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2012_12_077th December 2012 – “Dr Who?”

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Now available in my Etsy shop.

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