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Quickie from the canal towpath somewhere under the westway.  Here be dragons!

street art_169


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Newport Court, WC2.  Art by @nathanbowenart


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I stumbled across this piece while taking a back route behind Portobello Road.  You can find it in St Lukes Mews, W11.  I thought the style looked familiar, and took care to photograph as much detail as I could… and lo!  When I got home and checked, I had already spotted another piece by the same artist (click here to see that one).

street art_49_01

street art_49_02

street art_49_03

street art_49_04

street art_49_05

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Last week’s Weekword turned into a WeekendWord, but nonetheless I hope we’ll have lots of entries!  It’s being hosted by Carmen over at Tails of a Biomouse, so pop over there to see what she’s come up with and find a list of the other participants.

I love dragons, but it’s a pretty wide spectrum so how to narrow it down?  My first thought was The Hobbit, and I’m excited about the new film being released this year: partly because I love the book, and partly because Smaug is being voiced by Benedict Cumberbatch (who has possibly the most delicious voice ever).

Ok, that’s a starting point, so where to go from there?  Let’s try a drawing shall we?  I’ve never drawn a dragon before, and do struggle to draw things which aren’t in front of me… so I had a shufty on Google and found a photo of the delightful Mr. Cumberbatch:

Then I sketched a rough outline of his face…

I did say rough, yes?  After that I just tried to turn that face into a dragonish face, with a certain amount of success I think

It’s not great, but it’s not a total washout either.  I think I’ll have another play with it later and see if I can’t improve the resemblance a bit.

Thanks for reading, and if you fancy joining in with the next Weekword then have a look at Carmen’s blog to find out who she’s tagged for this week.

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