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Our host for this month is Sara over at Cinders & Rain, so please do pop over to her blog to find out who else is playing along.


Last month my inspiration was actually motivation, and that motivation was fuelled by the need to earn money.  Not very artistic, but truthful.  This month my inspiration is equally truthful and just as unglamorous!  I have mainly been making things based on the ‘what needs using up?’ principle…


Something I made

Well, one of the plus sides of attacking anything in my path this month has been the sheer variety of books I’ve made.  I was a bit spoilt for choice…



A little close up of my Mollie Makes calendar page for January says it all…



What could be more delightfully retro than some Enid Blyton?


Motifs: Sequins

This category gave me The Fear when I first saw it.  I own precisely one item of clothing with sequins on, and it’s a summer top that hasn’t seen the light of day for a good few years.  What to do?  I was slightly worried I’d have to go out and start looking for a pearly king to photograph!  My luck was in though, I received a travelling craft box (long story) in the post last week and inside it was the perfect thing… not traditional sequins, but I jumped on them nonetheless!


What’s happening next month with the Crafty Photo Scavenger Hunt?  Rachel over at The Awesome Lady is our host for February, so please pop along to her blog tomorrow and see what topics she’s chosen.

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Then treat yourself to one of these lovely notebooks, revamped using the original covers and fresh blank pages for you to fill with new memories.  Click here to visit my Etsy shop.

blyton 10-01-2013

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I can’t believe that it’s September already, this month has flown by.  Still, time waits for no man and so on Sunday just gone I made the usual pilgrimage up to Chiswick with my mother to see what we could find.

I hadn’t intended to spend much money (as I’m broke), and thus hadn’t brought much with me… so it’s good job that I did go with my mother as I had to rely on her purse in the end.  Bargains really do need to be snapped up when you see them, they might not be there when you go back!
First up is this fabulous vintage school desk.  I’ve wanted one of these since I built the studio in my garden, but they’re usually far too expensive (ranging from £40 for a single desk to £100 for a double like this one), so I’ve had to reluctantly walk away from all the others.  This one has been painted black at some point, but the wood is sound and I intend to strip it back to the bare wood at some point (probably next year).  Bargain price of £35, from the very nice man who sold me a trunk this time last year!

It’s the perfect size.  I’ve removed the two cheap and cheerful Ikea desks I had in there, and this one allows room at the end for the cupboard I bought last month!  Of course I had to half empty my studio and tidy up again in order to rearrange everything, but it was definitely worth it.

Next up we have a load of DVDs… this first lot ranged from 50p to £1 each (Sleeping Beauty was a particular bargain, Disney classics are usually £5 upwards)…

… and then I just couldn’t help myself when I saw all eight series of Charmed… a bargaintastic £30, and they threw in the Back to the Future trilogy as a freebie!

That lot ought to keep me entertained for the foreseeable future while I work in my studio!

Last up from Chiswick this month were some nice wooden boxes.  The first one was 50p, and the second one £2 – I plan to make a miniature book to fit into each section.

A trip to the boot sale wouldn’t be complete without books of some description, and I was pleased to find some more Enid Blyton books at 50p each.

These last items weren’t from Chiswick, but I picked them up on Saturday at a sale being held by a prop hire company.  It was a pretty random discovery, I passed by their premises when I was on my way back from the tip and saw them setting up tables so I went back a couple of hours later to have a rummage.  Lovely old cigar boxes, sturdier than the usual ones I get, £1 each.

That’s it for this month, and I do need to be a little more frugal so hopefully I won’t see anything too tempting next time!

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These have proved popular in the past, and so I’m pleased to announce that I’ve been able to add another six of these kitsch notebooks to my Etsy shop.  Titles include The Magic Faraway Tree, The Enchanted Wood, and the Naughtiest Girl in the School.  Click here to view what’s available.

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25th April 2012 – “Vintage delights”

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I’m a little tired this morning so I’m stealing borrowing today’s title from Kirst over at The Leopard Anchor, she regularly posts a Wednesday WIP and it’s a great idea.

I’ve got quite a lot on the go at the moment, inspiration is a lot like London buses – you wait ages for an idea and then three turn up at once.  The past few days have therefore been a flurry of activity and there really haven’t been enough hours in the day to get everything done.

I’ve been playing with old book pages and felt to make bunting…

… I’ll post more details on the bunting later this week.

I’ve got more vintage books to turn into notebooks…

…and I’m hoping to get some of these finished today.

I’ve taken up an interest in international mining…

…not really, but were you worried for a moment?  I’m working on a custom order for someone and she’s provided her own artwork for the cover, so she needed something to protect the artwork in the post.  What do you do when you haven’t got any stiff card?  Use a random magazine of course!

I’ve been playing with quilting again…

…and hopefully this will be turned into something very soon…

And finally I’m still happily working on the Beekeeper’s Quilt

…and it’s going well.  I’m knitting in front of the telly most evenings and it’s wonderful watching my stash of hexipuffs growing.  I’ve now got 73 so I’m well on my way to my new quilt!

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…and three other vintage books by Enid Blyton have been recycled into one-of-a-kind notebooks.

These will be added to my Etsy shop later today, so snap one up quickly before they’re gone!

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